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The Edge Drinking Game

If you haven’t heard of The Edge – Nottingham University Television Station’s hit drama – then you’re probably not cool enough to be reading this website.

Produced by members of NUTS, about members of NUTS, for members of NUTS, the student drama show has gathered something of a cult following over the past year. It’s gone beyond the so-bad-it’s-good phase and it’s now kind of post-ironic, utterly addictive and the best thing on TV. But if you need some more persuading, we’ve devised a drinking game suitable for new watchers and seasoned fanatics alike.

Note: these rules don’t apply if the entire episode is an LSD-induced dream sequence or if it is the dreaded seasonal ‘musical episode’.

1.   If the audio becomes so muffled that you can no longer understand what the characters are saying, drink until you can hear them again.

2.   If you see somebody you know lurking in the background of a shot, post a photo of it on his or her Facebook wall and nominate a player to drink a finger for every ‘like’ it receives.

3.   When a character tries to coin a new catchphrase (for example “LOL dot co dot uk forward slash cheeky!”), the last person to repeat the phrase must down their drink.

4.   Drink three fingers if the plotline becomes suspiciously similar to an episode of Skins.

5.   The first person to correctly predict the start of a long montage or interpretive dance scene can nominate someone else to drink.

6.   When Will says something insulting about an ex, the last person to shout, “Fuck Betty!” must down their drink.

7.   Every time a character discovers or reveals their true sexuality, drink three fingers.

8.   Every time a ‘pre-drinks’ scene ends in a blazing row, drink two fingers.

9.   Have a drink in tribute if a character dies. Have another if a character remembers to mention one of the many, many friends that they have lost in the space of a year.

10. If Lewis (Lawrence Bolton) inexplicably returns from the dead, down your drink.

Fiona Crosby

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  • Really? It’s Back?
    19 January 2013 at 13:43
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    They have brought the Edge back again?!? REALLY?

    The story is mediocre at best, the filming is alright, but the SOUND IS AWFUL! I know nuts is just a bunch of students filming, but most of these are BASIC MISTAKES!

    The only good thing that happened in the edge was that Lewis died (in an overly hammed up way, but that was the poor acting…). It marks the last time that Lawrence Bolton disgraced the airwaves (thank God!)

  • Peter B
    21 January 2013 at 00:13
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    I’m involved in The Edge through acting in, writing, directing and occasionally editing and filming the show. This is a funny article and it’s nice to see people engaging with the show and with their student TV station, and it’s not my job to blindly defend the show against criticism from its student audience, however I don’t think comments like ‘so-bad-it’s-good’, or anything written by the previous commenter actually reflect just how difficult it is to make shows like this. Of course we’d like to have better sound, and sometimes the storylines can be a little bit far-fetched/under-developed, but neither are ‘BASIC MISTAKES’ when you consider that because of the sheer number of actors involved, filming for the show has to be done extremely quickly on a tight schedule. This inevitably leads to mistakes and subsequent improvisation around those mistakes, but its only because we’re trying to make what is really quite an ambitious show by student television standards. Personally I think its incredibly easy to look down and be quite snobbishly condescending about The Edge but in the end, 99% of the people who do have never tried to successfully script, direct, film and edit their own TV show. The nice thing about NUTS is that it gives you the chance to try!

    Again, this isn’t meant as a blind defence against all criticism against The Edge, just a reply to some of the more dismissive and thoughtless comments that the show can attract. Thanks IMPACT for actually showing some engagement with the show.

    …And fuck Betty!

  • Ibtisam Ahmed
    21 January 2013 at 02:02
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    Always find it amusing that anonymity can turn a negative opinion into just plain meanness. For the record, I am not a massive fan of the Edge either, and I think this article is hilarious 🙂

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