Model of the Year: Cara Delevigne

She’s best friends with Rita Ora, been linked to everyone’s favorite heartthrob Harry Styles, walked the Victoria Secrets runway and is now Vogue’s latest cover girl. Dubbed the ‘New Kate’, after winning the title of Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards, Cara Delevingne has certainly shot to the supermodel-celebrity status that hasn’t been reached since Moss’ infamous Calvin Klein campaign in 1992. Featuring in what certainly feels like every magazine and blog, you’d have to be living under an anti-fashion rock if you didn’t at least recognise Delevingne’s face.

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Yet despite being a supermodel, well-born and well connected (born and raised in Mayfair, a family friend of the Jaggers and God-daughter of Joan Collins) Cara retains an element of being a ‘diamond in the rough’. A self-professed tomboy, Cara’s off-duty fashion choices are simplistic. Favouring skinny jeans, leather jackets and biker boots, she appears to be just like any other 20 year old girl. Yet what makes Cara so very different to all the other models is her goofy, crazy and outrageous personality. Indeed, whilst model and WAG Abbey Clancy chose to wear a cute pair of shorts with a jumper and of course the obligatory heels, to Children in Need’s charity bear auction, Cara wore a panda onesie… and bare feet. Yet despite, panda onesies not being at the height of fashion or flattering (a personal opinion, feel free to disagree) the wacky choice to be un-sexy and un-cool is some how what makes Cara both sexy and cool. Yes, life is unfair. And the Panda onesie is available from for £39.99. You ’re welcome.

But don’t be fooled. This girl is certainly not one-dimensional. She radiates both elegance and poise when she has to. The sophisticated full-length and long sleeved Burberry dress Cara wore to the Evening Standard’s Theatre Awards last year could be replicated with American Apparel’s black Cotton Spandex Jersey Cross-V Bodysuit (£25.00) paired with Topshop’s Black Side Split Maxi Skirt (£20.00) and Mango’s Studded Metallic Clutch (£22.99).

For more of a dressed-down-dressy look, try Cara’s Victoria Secret’s Afterparty look. Pair a navy-blue tight, short dress with big, clumpy boots to make the look less siren, more bad-girl. This look can be recreated with American Apparel’s Cotton Spandex Jersey Too-Short Tube dress (£28.00) and Topshop’s Aloud Heavy Soled Heeled Boots with some black socks just peeping over the edge.

So everyone, let’s go Cara crazy. Get out the leather and the boots and do not forget to color in your eyebrows. But above all, remember that this Delevingne is all about attitude. Be fun, be bold and be daring. It’s obvious why Cara has become such a role model for the Photoshop generation, this onsie-wearing, funny-face-pulling supermodel proves that whilst looks are great, it is personality that can take you to all the way to the top.

Elizabeth Hutton 

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    Thanks for the ‘create your own look’ – nice touch !!

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    I love her! But it’s important to note those eyebrows only suit you if they suit your face, some people look ridiculous! Love the article x

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    Nice panda onesie!

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