The Best is Yet to Come: Impact Style’s guide to the very best of 2013.

Slogging through January exams is hardly a great way to start the year, waving goodbye to 2012 was a tough one – the diamond jubilee and the Olympic and Paralympic games showered us in hope and glory for twelve straight months. Whilst downing that champagne as the clock struck midnight on NYE, the forthcoming year didn’t exactly seem to glitter quite so bright. 

Thankfully that thought was pretty fleeting: this year is bursting with gems of its own and there is more than enough to compensate for any lack of surprise national holidays – although of course the royal baby will be cause for celebration, as will the KimYe baby. This year looks set to play host to a showdown of maternity fashion as Kate and Kim’s very different looks will no doubt be scrutinised by every magazine there is.

For the rest of us this years fashion looks to be getting ever more exciting: in the chilly January air fashion is already thinking about summer, forecasting micro-minis, geometric prints and summer black as what we will be wearing come summer. The catwalks last year took on a massive sense of fun for SS13, with playful fashions springing up all over, especially in London, so this year is the time to get a bit quirky.

Holly Fulton SS '13

Ever inspired by the media, this year’s quirky looks set to hinge on the hand- and home- made. As well as the next series of kitch phenomenon the Great British Bake Off, the BBC is launching its Great British Sewing Bee, so get out those sewing machines (which we all definitely have at uni) and start sewing your pompoms. Maybe take your cue from Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby (released in May) and craft some kind of sequined headband. If you don’t quite fancy the toil, don’t worry, this film has already had a massive effect on fashion (just look at Gucci) and this does not look set to stop. The glitz and glamour of the 1930s are seeping into shops all over as the excitement around the film grows and grows, and now Jay-Z has announced he is working on the soundtrack, this film could be a slice of perfection.


Speaking of glitz, a certain David Bowie is having a bit of a moment. The glam rock legend is the focus of a new exhibition at the V&A this year (David Bowie is: opens March 23rd), and make-up trends look set to follow his legacy, think sculptural surrealism with added glitter. Bowie shocked just about everyone by releasing a new single on January 9th after a 10 year break, and his timing could hardly be better. If one person is going to make waves this year, it’s Bowie.

And that’s not even the best of it, new musical acts, designers, artists and events are starting to emerge around the UK, and the world is now looking to this country as being the height of cool. There has never been a better time to be British. Look out for the next batch of talent being made in Britain for 2013.

 Harriet Brown



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