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“A Cynical Ploy To Farm Revenue From Students”?

Nottingham City Council gave out parking tickets to several student cars after putting up a ‘No Parking’ sign overnight. 

UoN Maths student, Nick Diplos, tweeted a picture of more than three cars with parking tickets on Lombard Close, Lenton, which was brought to the attention of Impact by Students’ Union Accommodation and Community Officer, Sian Green.

Diplos tweeted the picture with the caption: “Only Nottingham [Council] would put up signs overnight saying no parking and give us all parking tickets in the morning”.


[From: @NickDiplos]

“I’ve parked on that road everyday since September and since then there have never been any restrictions on parking,” said Diplos, speaking to Impact.

“However when I returned to my car today there was a parking ticket on my car along with every other car on the road. Nottingham Council have put up ‘no loading’ signs over the night without any warning and given all the cars on the road penalty notice.

“Obviously this is pretty shocking since most of the people parking there will be students who are often tight on money.”

Sian Green, Accomodation and Community Officer, said, “This parking situation was a result of lack of clear planning and communication within Nottingham City Council. This whole situation represents at worst a complete lack of communication within the City Council, or, worse still, a cynical ploy to farm revenue from students.”

When contacted about the situation, a spokesperson for the Council said: “When we have to prevent parking on a street as we have had to do on this occasion, we put up temporary signs.

“Any vehicle that is parked on the street at that time is noted and its registration taken so that we do not issue it with a ticket. We keep these notes and should anyone wish to contest their ticket they are welcome to go through the usual channels.

“The reason we are not allowing parking on Lombard Road surrounds safety due to a demolition taking place and we take safety seriously. We also always endeavor to be fair and should there be evidence of tickets issued in error will, of course, investigate that.”

Green told Impact that she had been in touch with the Council about the situation, but said that, “after initially agreeing on principle to reimburse everyone affected, they have backtracked.”

Diplos has managed to claim reimbursement for his parking ticket, and tweeted a picture of the letter detailing the cancellation of his penalty charge notice, with the caption, ‘Triumph!’

“Any attention that can be bought to bear on this issue can only be a good thing, as we all need to put pressure on the Council to ensure that students are not being discriminated against!” Green added.

Antonia Paget

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