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Overall: 7,376

First round:
Dave ‘DMC’ Codell: 2521
Mike Olatokun: 1,707
Jacques Domican Bird: 1,191
Abz Taylor: 1,016
Adam Jasko: 641

Second round:
DC: 2,596
MO: 1,778
JDB: 1,280
AT: 1,053

Third round:
DC: 2,720
MO: 1,911
JDB: 1,350

Fourth round:
DC: 3,058
JDB: 2101

Dave ‘DMC’ Cordell has been elected as Community Officer.

With 7,376 votes overall, Dave received 2,521 votes in the first round of voting, 2,596 in the second, 2,720 in the third and 3,058 in the fourth.

Dave said he was “jubilant and overwhelmed,” adding, “it’s been fantastic.”

Commenting on the current Accommodation and Community Officer Sian Green, who is currently out of the country, Dave said that he thinks she has done a great job and that he plans to carry on her good work: “There’s no need to start from scratch,” he said, although he plans to bring his own new policies to the role.

“My immediate next step is to speak to Sian about the best way to go forward.”
When asked which of his policies he plans to implement first, he said “I intend to carry out my policies simultaneously.”

The past two weeks of campaigning “has been intense; I am extremely grateful to my campaigning team,” he said.

Dave added that he’s “impressed by the largest voting turnout ever,” adding “I want to represent all 36,000 students as well as I can.”

He plans to celebrate his victory at Ocean.

Runner up Mike Olatokun told Impact the highlight of his campaign so far has been talking to students.

Addressing the record level of voter turnout, Mike said, “I am proud to be part of an historical election even if I didn’t win.”

Mike still hopes to get involved with the SU: “I am thinking of running for Environmental and Social Justice Officer in the future.” The elections for the ESJ officer were delayed after the resignation of Andrea Pilava.

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