Live Review: Fenech Soler, Bodega (28/02/2013)

Fenech Soler released their first album back in 2010, following it up with giant headline tours as well as supporting bands such as Friendly Fires. The band faced a setback after Ben Duffy was diagnosed with testicular cancer, but thankfully had a full recovery, which was great news to all. With this being the first tour back, they were keen to make a powerful recovery, and they definitely provided that.

The band came on with an almost swagger about them, they oozed confidence and the Bodega was completely sold out. They opened with ‘Demons’, one of the most well known songs and from that moment onwards Ben and the rest of the band had the crowd firmly in their grasp. It was a courageous effort to come back from time out and perform six new songs in an eleven song set, but it was one that paid off because the audience loved the progression and everything sounded like an anthem. One example came soon after the opener entitled ‘In Our Blood’ the song had a heavy beat and after ‘All I Know’ was expectedly hard hitting and providing a significant amount of punch.
We then were moved into ‘Lies’ which similar to ‘Demons’ had the whole crowd singing even though Ben was claiming to have a ‘sore throat’ after the previous gig (Manchester) and apologised if his singing was ‘dodgy’. No notes were missed, and having the ability to hear him through those singing along was a challenge anyway.

The band released the track ‘Maiya’ exclusively through The Mixmag, and it allowed the band to see the really dedicated fans from the rest, and much to their delight many were singing. The crowd itself was of varied ages and it was good to see a vast range of people enjoying a breaking through band.

The highlight of the show for me came through a new song, an unexpected prominent feature, but one that proved its worth. The song was called ‘Last Forever’ the upbeat chorus of ‘We can make this last forever, we can waste time together’ was emphatic and I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t flood a lot of our summer playlists. The band then moved onto ‘All I Know’ which felt like an old classic, it gained a similar response to ‘Demons’ and ‘Lies’ and rightly so… It is a song that must be listened to by all. The band finished with ‘Stop And Stare’ which was a real highlight. They performed an extended version which saw a mass of pogo-ing and sweaty fans. This finale even saw me gain a high five from the lead singer Ben which epitomised the performance, a band giving back to the fans for a brief spell out, and they most certainly did perform.

Dan Jones

…Dan has been listening to Let Me Back In – Rilo Kiley


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