Impact on the Campaign Trail: Day 12

As SU Elections campaigns reach their final stretch, Impact caught up with several campaigners yesterday in Portland to ask them how they felt things had been going.

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Shehroze Khan’s team said that people had been “receptive to his policies.”

“I guess our strategy has been more to try and talk to people. We don’t really have many posters or massive banners or placards we’re trying to initiate more conversation.”

Jake O’Farrell told us that his campaign has been going well so far but he has faced some difficulties. “It’s been quite hard to actually speak to people because you can’t really walk up to people and say “Are you LGBT?” People are coming up to me and talking to me but other than that I think it’s more being a presence.”

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Tyler O’Sullivan was impressed with the reaction he has seen from students this week:

“I was quite worried because I thought in the second week people may be a bit more muted, a bit tired of the elections. I thought people would be scared off by the weather but they’re not yet. So as long as we are persevering I think the students are persevering too.”

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Mike Dore’s team reiterated Tyler’s thoughts about the snow; “Good response despite the snow. It’s snowing but we’re not going!”

Luke Mitchell’s campaigners were giving out free flapjacks which were “going down a treat.”

“Lots of people are going to vote for Luke Mitchell. His chances are pretty high, we’re confident. He’s going to make such a good president.”

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Danny Knowles, campaigning for Knappy, told Impact that, “The campaign is going well so far, a lot of students are telling us that they’ve already voted.”

Harry Laughland was representing Tom Hicks. “I think Hicks’ strength is that his policies are implementable,” he said, “A lot of the other candidates have pie in the sky policies.”

Ellis Schindler and Emily Tripp

Photographs by Antonia Paget and Emily Tripp


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