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Impact On The Campaign Trail: Day 4

With the first weekend of campaigning behind us Impact took the chance to catch up with some of the campaigners and see how they feel it is going.

Dasha Karzunina and her campaign team were caught in action in the Portland Auditorium, loyally wearing their ‘Vote Dasha for Education’ t-shirts.

Dasha Campaign

With a team of ten devoted campaign members behind her, Dasha said that, “It’s going well, we’ve got enough people helping out,” although she is struggling to choose her campaign technique “with so many options it’s hard to decide what to do and what not to do.”

We also spotted Jamie Sims outside Hallward, attracting potential voters by offering free lollipops.

Sims Campaign

Jamie, who is running for Sports Officer, believes his campaign was off to a great start on Friday with “100 likes in 24 hours” for his media launch. He plans on keeping his campaign techniques “close to my chest” but believes his manifesto will stand him in good stead against his rival Tom Hicks, who was being represented by a group of trusty t-shirt clad campaigners.

Grace Wignall

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