Impact On The Campaign Trail: Day 6

Several campaigners, like Ben Malone, decided to kick off the day of campaigning by the roundabout on the way into university.

With a massive banner and a team of dedicated campaigners in green t-shirts, they certainly made an impact on the sleepy students struggling in for 9:00 am lectures.

Ben Malone campaign

One of his rivals in the race for Activities officer, Will Knapp, was outside Hallward with a bright yellow banner and tub of Haribo rings to pull in passers-by, so that he could tell them about his manifesto pledges.


We also found LGBT candidate Jake O’Farrell campaigning outside Hallward in a glittery studded t-shirt, claiming that he had just rolled out of bed having been campaigning in Propaganda the night before! Next to Jake was a campaigner representing Equal Opportunities and Welfare candidate Lucy Wake, who was dressed as a Super Mario character.


Presidential candidate Ellie McWillliam had a couple of campaigners at Portland, while she herself was outside Hallward. When asked if she felt as though she had to compete for the attention of passing students she replied “maybe, but it’s all really fun.”


Sports candidate Tom Hicks reckoned Portland was the prime spot for campaigning, claiming that more people were likely to stop for a chat and that his campaign was “going really, really well so far”.




Ella Funge

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