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Jack 409
Jake 344
Ron 79

Jack Salter has been elected as the SU’s new LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Officer.

He ran for the position against one other candidate, Jake O’Farrell. 819 students voted overall, with Jack winning 403 votes in the first round of voting, with his contest winning 338, and 79 students voting RON. In the second round of voting, Jack scored 409 votes against his contestants 344 votes.

Speaking exclusively to Impact, Jack, who is currently studying on a year abroad in Hong Kong, said, “I have a night out planned in Tokyo later to celebrate, and I’m sure there will be celebrations in both Hong Kong and Nottingham to come”.

Jack has been involved in the LGBT for some time and says he wants to fight LGBT ignorance throughout the student body.

“First things first, I have to connect with the constituents, with the committee, and really figure out what my plan for the year is in concrete terms, so that we can make a slick, smooth transition that brings out the best in our network.”

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