London Fashion Week – Moschino Cheap And Chic A/W 2013

“Pretty in Punk” has been redefined this season. Moschino Cheap And Chic, often known for their irresistibly feminine and youthful designs took a brush to their past designs and slathered on layers of rebellion and allure. Alongside a guitar-shaped bag and durable flat footwear, crystal trimmings, padlocks and fur, entail a fantastic blend of style that beats it own path of trend setting for winter, complete with black lipstick and florescent-colour hair.


Using a monochrome base, graphically-drawn graffiti was scribbled all over the dresses and skirts, shown alongside luxurious black silk shift dresses with a structured ruffled hem. Leopard print followed, adorning a lengthy slip dress with black lace, a classical two piece tuxedo and a loose-knitted jumper in faded shades of grey. To keep the feeling causal and flirtatious, skirts had an asymmetrical split, worn with slouchy jumpers, knitted with metallic question marks and whilst most hems were reasonably high, the tighter dresses skimmed their way down to the shins with delicate white polka-dots on the surface.

Moschino Cheap and Chic AW 2013 10

Amidst the layers of attitude, however, sophisticated touches added the necessary femininity for Moschino Cheap And Chic. On top of the graffiti and layers of silk were studded oversized tuxedo jackets, pencil skirts, sharp collars and pussy-bows blouses.  Tailoring also prove to be a successful outlet for the feminine touch; a sugary pink suit with a grey fur trimming, silk tuxedo dresses with crystal-trimmed edges and an opulent magenta two-piece suit stood provided the perfect counterbalance.


Accessories also dealt a bold hand in this collection. Two different bag styles appealed to the two different personalities of the collection. On one end was an oversized leather clutch, like a satchel without a strap. Roomy and stiff, in black with silver or black studs covering the top layer, the larger piece was the day qualifier, being both practical and durable. In contrast, a small metallic pink bag with a tiny handle and barely any storage space. The irresistible colour makes this evening piece an attention-grabber, alongside fingerless leather gloves and modified cat-eye sunglasses, appropriately topped with silver studs and a glossy vinyl finish.

Ultimately there is a choice for Moschino Cheap and Chic this winter. The conflicting styles are by no means strangers to each other but this doesn’t mean designers are tired and uninspiring. Sweet pink tailoring, black silk ruffles and silver studs prove that, the perfect accompaniment to the forthcoming collections from Milan.

Rosie Feenstra


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