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Nationwide Student Movement Against Sudan Crisis

A nationwide student-run movement is forming an on-going campaign to raise awareness about the crisis in Sudan. In conjunction with the Aegis Trust, a genocide prevention organisation, students are trying to put pressure on the UK government to publicly condemn the actions of the Sudanese government against its people.

The “We Need To Talk About Sudan” campaign aims to raise awareness of issues such as the government blocking aid for civilians.

Leading the Sudanese government is President Omar Al-Bashir, who is currently wanted for genocide by the ICC in relation to Darfur.

Campaigners are staging several demonstrations, one of which is a Twitter campaign, allowing students to send tweets to British Foreign Minister William Hague. These will be sent to him via an automatic tweet on the 20th May and pressurise him to comment upon the Sudanese situation.

Further aspects of the campaign include demonstrations in London, a viral video, a website and planned television appearances.

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Campaigners at the University of Nottingham said that they were happy with the way the campaign was being received.

Freya Dodd, a campaign member and President of the Nottingham Aegis society said, “Students at the University were amazingly supportive of the campaign, and were eager to learn more about the humanitarian crisis currently happening in Sudan”.


Students demonstrated outside Portland for a week at the end of the Spring term, with about 150 students signing up. The target is for several thousand students to tweet William Hague.

Yalda Tomlinson

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