Student vs. Food at The Rose and Crown, Lenton

Venue: Rose and Crown, Lenton

Fully Loaded Hot dog 

Challenger: Ollie ‘Bear-claw’ Byrne
Difficulty: 3/5
Contents: Foot-long black pepper sausage in a sub roll, served with spicy chilli beef, jalapeños, sour cream and melted Cheddar. Chips and corn on the cob on the side.

Are you feeling confident about this challenge?
Yeah, I’m feeling pretty confident about it.

Have you done anything to prepare yourself?
I have been watching plenty of Man vs. Food to get into the right frame of mind and I’ve been to the gym to work up an appetite. I feel like my hangover may help as I’m really hungry but I started my day with a triple layer sandwich to keep my appetite up.

What’s your motto for taking on a challenge?
Pain is only temporary, pride is forever.

Ollie ‘Bearclaw’ Byrne adopted a two pints of water and plenty of sauce method so as not to “waste precious saliva”. Tactics for getting through the challenge included undoing the button on his jeans and standing up in some attempt to make more room for the food.

“If I split it in two it’s half the size so I can eat twice as much”. At 13 mins in Ollie claimed he had smashed through the straw wall. 19 minutes in the wooden wall was broken along with the meat sweats. At 28 mins 55 sec he smashed the challenge.

Flaming Challenge

Challenger: Charlie ‘Juggernaut’ Jenkins
Difficulty: 4/5
Contents: Two flame-grilled 12oz beef burgers, Two breaded chicken breast fillets, spicy chilli beef, melted Cheddar, onions, bacon and onion rings in a burger bun. Accompanied by a large portion of chips.

Are you feeling confident about this challenge?
I’m feeling fairly confident, but I want to keep focused as I don’t want to peak too early.

Have you done anything to prepare yourself?
No, not really. I always cook large quantities so I’m pretty used to eating lots in one go. Once I nearly got kicked out of Peachy Keens for eating too much. I had a bacon sandwich this morning, which I think is key. I’m just going to approach the challenge head on.

What’s your motto for taking on a challenge?
The light at the end of the tunnel is just the light of a train.

Charlie ‘Juggernaut’ Jenkins went for the meat and chips approach and left his bread in an attempt to get the bulk of the meal out of the way first.  While initial progress was good, soon the ‘Juggernaut’ began to slow as his armoury of techniques and preparation went out the window.

13 minutes in, he admitted, “I feel awful – like I’ve been hit by that train in the tunnel”. It wasn’t looking good and sure enough 23 minutes in he lay down his cutlery and gave in to the monster challenge.

Emma Drabble


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