Fragrant Chemistry – New Scents for Spring

For most dressing tables, one scent bears a personal signature. For most students, the giant plastic flowers of Marc Jacobs’ ‘Daisy’ dictates this deeply personal choice, and despite the veritable feast of choice, it would seem we aren’t brave in our perfume choices. The recommendations below encourage bravery, appealing to a different attitude in your personal scent and come with new style choices to match. Like a new hair-cut or a pair of shoes, a new investment is needed once in a while and we often pursue them for a re-invention of our image: so for the forthcoming spring, if it’ll ever arrive, deviate from the norm with a bold new fragrance and take the steps in a new style to follow.


Florabotantica – Balenciaga
30ml – £39.50

Florabotanica is a complex fragrance. Rooted in an oriental influence, the combination of mint, caladium leaves and vetiver create a mixture of the most fragrance leaves, a distinct botany-infused scent that stands alone in unqiue branding of an artistically drawn utopia.

An alchemy-focused fragrance, Florabotanica should work with pieces that are equally daring. Taking an influence from the editorial campaign with Kristen Stewart’s awkward stance and structured dress, choose bold, quirky prints, layered in a similar fashion, keeping the colour-whey within a similar region. Think of a printed chiffon shirt with patterned cigarette trousers and laced boots, finished with statement jewellery, worn to a cocktail party or dimly-lit bar.

Dewy skin, bitten lips and smudgy eye-make up would compliment the organic influence in the scent, moisture and botanical balance. A touch of green around the eyes perhaps. Order a drink to match.


Elie Saab Le Parfum review

Elie Saab Le Parfum – Elie Saab
30ml – £37.50

Le Parfum is ‘an ode to light’ according to Saab. It should be worn like pearls or your favourite gem-stone earrings; on occasion. Aiming to glow on the skin, the refined smell of sweetened sophistication is both memorable and pleasurable. Le Parfum pays tribute to the original scents for women by fashion’s most reputable predecessors.

Le Parfum is a modern day classic, the new accessory for the next Black Tie affair. The combination of orange blossom is an influence in the honey-coloured liquid, with equally delicate flowers and oils used to finish the mix. Jasmine, honey rose are blended on a base of ceder wood oil, poured into a glass bottle with a decanter head, making this classically wholesome fragrance the perfect accompaniment to the most refined evening wear. Spray it over a full length gown or layers of tulle for your next evening of dinner and dancing along with delicate jewellery tumbling and curls.



Christian Dior – Pure Poison
30ml – £46.50

Few fragrances are a twisted mix of the cardinal sins. That said, very few fragrances are as voluptuous, weighty and dramatic as Pure Poison. Because that’s what it is – toxic, addictive poison. Pure Poison is a dangerously dense potion, blending sandalwood with punchy gardenia and jasmine, creating a full-blown assault on the senses.

Pure Poison reminds me of femme fatales; it should be worn with a seductive style of confidence. The scent has a delicate wafting quality, lingering on the skin as well as trailing behind like a true temptress. It’s the perfect scent for an elegant dinner date or a night for seduction.

The bottle speaks for itself when it comes to outfit inspiration. The Gothic influence is ideal with silk wrap-dresses, leather trousers or a panelled skirt with a modest hem and black lace blouse. Paint on a darker shade of lipstick for added vamp.

L’eau for Her – Narciso Rodriguez
30ml – £31.50

A robust heart of musk and patchouli opens up the petals of this luscious fragrance. L’eau for Her is a graceful and sophisticated daily scent with refined and substantial tones, smooth and creamy, mixing with the moisture on your skin.

The pale pink bottle created an innocent atmosphere, as the model in the advert is beautifully nude with her white-blonde hair messily braided and wrapped around the crown of her head. L’eau for Her is like a serum, rubbed into your neck and collarbone, with very little make-up.

A relaxed attitude comes with wearing this perfume, the ease that comes with snug clothes and lazy Sunday mornings. Gentle notes of Lilly-of-the-Valley and the irresistible buds of peony are delicate, graceful and sweet, avoiding any notion of overpowering. Compliment it with chunky knit cardigans and your favorite pair of skinny jeans, choosing muted tones of pink, grey and white to maintain the demure flavour of simply femininity.

Mugler Alien

Alien – Theirry Mugler
30ml – £41.50

Alien by name and alien by nature. For this fragrance, Theirry Mulger created a bottle faceted like jewel or a spaceship, and poured something equally strange and delicious inside.

Alien is an unforgiving, the only delicate quality being the gentle and smooth perfume pump. White amber cashmeran wood and a heavy dose of peppery musk creates a truly unique scent to be worn on nights out, where the wafting qualities can catch an eye or two among the glittering lights and candle glows.

Alien calls for a bold outfit to match. Pair it with the most eccentric item you have in your wardrobe. Alternatively, follow the influence of the gold and purple coloured bottle and channel luxury with a velvet dress and statement necklace, framed by a daring neckline. Utilise this fragrance to it’s attitude – style yourself differently, an appeal to change and evolve, retaining the same mystery and allure Mugler created within it.

Rosie Feenstra

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