#gradballgate: University System Crashes As Grad Ball Tickets Go Online

The University network has crashed as students log on to try and buy their Graduation Ball tickets for the end of the year.

Dinner tickets for the Grad Ball were available from the Students’ Union Box Office yesterday, and the entertainment tickets were to be made available online today and tomorrow.

Michelle McLoughlin, SU Activities Officer, said that the reason for the ticket split over two days was “for the simple reason that if anything went wrong today then they would still be able to get them tomorrow.”

Speaking to Impact, one third year student expressed their disappointment saying, “This happens every time a large amount of people try to get online and yet nothing gets done. They have tried releasing them in stages but since you can’t buy entertainment tickets at the box office and everyone knows they are limited, it was always going to be the case that everyone logged on first thing.”


The Nottingham Information Services helpline released a message at 10am this morning saying: “A major issue prevented access to multiple University systems and websites earlier today. Access to most has been restored, however portal and email are still affected and are under urgent investigation.”

A similar problem occurred last year when the external ticket website the University used for Grad Ball tickets also crashed. But McLoughlin said this “was not just because of the number of people going on it from our side”.

“We took a precaution this year because of what happened last year, and spread the Ents Tickets over two days. So even if they miss the chance today they’ll have another chance tomorrow.

McLoughlin says this problem should only be applicable to students trying to access the University network from on campus, saying: “People in Lenton can still access it”. However students off campus are still encountering problems when logging on to the network externally.

“It’s not as bad as last year,” Michelle added.

There are reports that students who had added the tickets to their basket on the SU website before the link was removed, are able to process the payment on a mobile browser.

Access problems will affect all students trying to log onto the University portal from campus this morning.

Antonia Paget


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