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Karni reps boast about hundreds of pounds of damages on weekend trip


Karni reps who have been fined hundreds of pounds in damages by an Edinburgh hostel have boasted about the behaviour on Twitter. Freshers from UoN’s student charity broke a window, threw up on furniture due to excessive drinking and covered staircases in toilet paper during the weekend trip. 

The trip was organised for the new wave of Karni hall reps, in order to bring together new members of the team.

Impact spoke to a worker in Cowgate hostel, who said: “I have never seen behaviour like it”.

He explained: “We got a lot of complaints from our guests, so after the first night they stayed, we told them and warned them not to behave that way again. But they acted exactly the same way the next night.

“They broke a window, they made a mess, they broke everything. Everything was really dirty. It was not respectful to all of the cleaners who are paid on minimum wage to clear up all their shit”.

Karni have offered their “unreserved apologies to the hostel for the mess and damage caused by a minority of individuals”. The hostel has been compensated for any costs incurred by the behaviour.

A student close to Karni told Impact: “I feel sorry for the many reps who joined Karni to do charity work and put their time and energy into changing lives and inspiring others to do the same. There is no doubt that Karni, as a whole, can boast the creation of the ultimate Uni experience alongside work for charities.”

However he also said that “the ‘lad’ culture that surrounds Karni is dangerous and toxic.”

The student added: “I recall them saying the only rule is to not get arrested and I think that’s come from last year’s group. Karnival would probably happily tell you they went for a team building session in Edinburgh.”

A photograph of the Karni reps holding up a broken window captioned “this happened within 5mins of being in our room… #lordlashtag” was tweeted from an account set up by a group of hall reps.


One rep confirmed that he spent £1,000 on champagne in one night.


According to the Twitter account, the Karni Exec threatened the group with a fine for their behaviour on the bus journey back from Edinburgh. Impact has learned that they later revoked the threat when the bus company did not make an official complaint.

A rumour circulated that one rep kidnapped a baby. Impact has since found that this is not true.

Karni director, Matt Furniss, told Impact: “The behaviour was carried out by a group of six or seven mindless people, who are not reflective of Karnival, and its representatives, as an organisation. Those involved have been given fifty hours of community service as a sanction for their behaviour.”

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