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Nottingham Students’ Official Favourite Night Out Poll

Whether you’ve spent most of time at university dancing to One Direction on Ocean’s sticky floors or ordering ale and soaking in the history in the Olde Trip to Jerusalem, there is a way to spend an evening for everyone. One of Nottingham’s main attractions for prospective students is indeed the varied and vibrant nightlife that the city has to offer.

Impact are holding a large poll to find out what is Nottingham’s Students’ Official Favourite Night Out. Additionally we want to know your favourite club, pub, cocktail bar and alternative venue.

Don’t let your all time favourite night out down and vote them in the poll below. The results will be featured in the next and final issue of the academic year.

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Every Wednesday sees the transformation of music Rock City into the University of Nottingham’s official ‘Jagerthon’. A popular night for AU and social nights.


4play on Thursdays, or otherwise known as Forum’s official Karni night. Its central location means it’s often the final destination for bar crawlers and booze cruisers.


This Nottingham club is one of three managed under the international Gatecrasher clubbing brand. Originally and still known for dance music events, it stands as one of the city’s largest clubs with multiple floors and rooms.


Midlands Zone Magazine gave NG1 the title of ‘Best Gay Midlands Night Club’ in 2012. It has a reputation for being busy on its three largest nights: Friday, Saturday and Wednesday.


The University’s Big O. Every Friday you’ll find Nottingham students dancing to the likes of One Direction and Nicki Minaj until the early hours- or until they’ve had enough jagerbombs.


Oceana has only become the official University of Nottingham Monday night this academic year. It’s variety of genre-themed rooms means that one minute you could head-banging to Blur, and the next after a wander down the stairs you’re showing off your disco moves.

Pandora’s Box

An alternate night to the Big O on Fridays is Bopp at Pandora’s Box. It an evening immersed in classic rock n roll, Motown, Northern Soul and Indie.





Bag O’ Nails

Bag O’ Nails sits in the heart of Lenton where many students choose to live during their second and third years. It is popular for its proximity, pool tables and wine costing under £2.


Often a pitstop for those heading out for the night, by day it is a pub where you can have lunch. There’s something for the right mood- whether it is vodka jelly shot, a pint or a roast.

Hand and Heart

The Hand and Heart has a massive range of real ale and half-resembles a cave, as the downstairs bar is literally cut out of the rock. The first Thursday of the month is On The Verge, Nottingham’s most popular folk night.


The Ropewalk is found in Canning Circus and is thus easily accessible on most bus routes that go past University Park and through Lenton. It specialises in affordable pub grub and is popular with Lenton based students.

Rose and Crown

Found in the centre of Lenton, The Rose and Crown is a good place to eat when even cooking pasta seems like too much effort or if you fancy a challenge there is the Rose and Crown Flaming Challenge. Can you handle the heat?

Spanky Van Dykes

Spanky Van Dykes is made memorable by the quirky décor and vast quantity of Action-Men, but is a great place to eat or drink in its own right.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Ye Olde Trip claims to be the oldest pub in the country, and it certainly looks the part. It sits in the shadow of Nottingham Castle and is partly carved out of the solid rock. Its status as a tourist attraction means it actually has its own gift shop, but it doesn’t detract from the pub’s value as a proper boozer.




Brass Monkey

Brass Monkey is a particularly trendy place to get a cocktail. The staff are trained in flair bartending, so it’s unlikely you’ll have room to be bored.

Coco Tang

Attracting the slightly more sophisticated student, Coco Tang is most definitely one of the fancier bars in Nottingham. Just make sure you don’t wear an old pair of trainers, you may get a few odd looks.


Tucked away down an alley off Market Square, Cucamara’s is a casual cocktail experience promoting its ‘no dress code policy’. It serves some of the cheapest cocktails in town, starting at £2.30.

Pitcher and Piano

The Pitcher and Piano is defined by the fact that it exists within an old, previously disused church. The conversion has been tastefully done though, and is now an impressively distinctive place to get a drink.

The Orange Tree

A laid back pub located in the City Centre. The Orange Tree doesn’t just serve beer and cider – it’s a great place for a cocktail as well.


If you ever wanted to genuinely be served a drink within a jam jar, then Tilt is your best bet. The blues bar opened in 2009, serving original and classic cocktails in an old-time atmosphere.




Holder of the Best Bar None 2011 award, Bodega is well established as one of the best venues to listen to up-and-coming acts in the Midlands. As well as hosting a wide variety of gigs, Bodega is also a popular location for a drink.

The Cookie Club

If you find yourself yearning for an indie focused club with a scattering of nostalgia-tinged 90s anthems, you could do a lot worse than The Cookie Club. Their Saturday night ‘Rise and Shine. Indie Dancefloor Frenzy’ is definitely worth a look.

The Maze

The Maze is found at the back of The Forest Tavern pub and provides an atmospheric venue for Nottingham’s thriving music scene. It hosts a mix of rock, punk and folk, along with comedy and theatre.

Rescue Rooms

As well as being a music venue and occasionally connected to Rock City in large-scale club nights, on its own Rescue Rooms offers eclectic night outs for students with a variety of tastes. Indie and Dubstep fans can be found at Stealth Vs Resued, while songwriters and musicians seeking to break out will be featured on Monday’s Acoustic Night.

Turf Tavern

The Turf Tavern is a rock pub known for staying open into the early hours. There isn’t a massive range of ales or cider, but it does provide an edgier place to drink than most pubs.

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