The Like Race

In this modern world, there is one daily aspect of our lives that gets hearts racing and palms sweating- Facebook statuses. The fear of the awkward moment is ever present when a carefully thought out comic observation or that penguin meme that made you LOL so hard does not garner any of those anticipated likes. You are left wondering whether to delete it or keep it there as a reminder of your social media fail.

It is just a constant ongoing popularity contest. Or is it?

Are there subjects that attract more attention? What makes people give their virtual thumb-shaped seal of approval? Three contributors agreed to partake in a ‘Like Race’. You may not have realised it but they spent a week battling out for your likes. Impact can now reveal the most popular statuses and our contributors’ exclusive account of the experience.


thing for article

After Will posted a status about Thatcher, I decided to post a tweet that was going viral and thought would be very popular. The status was put up on the day before the funeral, when the media and general public would reach its peak discussing the details and especially the cost. It’s something that people care about shown by the likes and comments because a lot of people had an issue with the cost of the funeral. This definitely put me firmly in the race, causing Will it seems to up his game.

Likes: 7


Everyone likes animals and people especially like cats. Many people also like cafes and so one woman decided to put them together, and with a lot of of help from the public this is actually going to happen.

I think this link got attention because it’s a bit of a weird news story and concept, plus a few people may have actually got excited at the prospect of a cafe where you can also pet cats whilst you drink your coffee.

However, Will managed to get the better of me, as the next day, he posted a picture of a really cute seal…

Likes: 4



After seeing both Will and Caroline post statuses about Thatcher, I decided to go for something a bit more… unimportant. Normally I suffer from Facebook Status Phobia, only posting when absolutely necessary, so this really got my heart pounding. Around two minutes in (when no-one had liked it!) I started getting sweaty palms, my fingers edging towards the delete button. “How could I be so foolish”, I thought. Luckily, I persevered and it seems as if my words of wisdom touched quite a few people’s hearts. Maybe I am ready to be an internet sensation after all.

Likes: 10


During Easter I visited Amsterdam, and made a trip to one of the most riveting, and shocking, museums – the Sex Museum. Narrowly beating a mechanical male flasher, a room full of X-Rated pornography, and a cake in the shape of breasts, was this – a six foot penis. I decided that it was worthy to grace the likes of my facebook page and pushed my way past the other tourists to pose next to it. This photo received quite a good response, so if you’re looking for ways to boost your ego through facebook, making creepy faces next to enormous genitalia seems to be a good option. Just make sure you don’t have your nan as a friend.

Likes: 18


Recess covered up

Nostalgia may not be what it used to be, but it’s still a powerful tool in a man’s mission to win widespread approval on the internet. Pokémon was my initial choice for some 90s-themed goodness, but watching Recess on the Disney channel was such a big part of my pre-teen existence that I couldn’t resist. The fact that my friend Jimmy and I always end up watching it after a few drinks probably had something to do with it as well.

I debated posting a status or uploading a picture of one of the characters, but I’d noticed that neither of the girls had posted a video… and who can resist the awesomeness of the opening theme song? Go on, watch it – you know you want to.

Likes: 8

Gays Take 2

The first thing I posted was this like-baiting picture. How could it fail? With its combination of liberal values and sheer lulzyness (that’s a word, right?) it was destined for success. I was fairly certain that it would secure me an unassailable lead, and it did, until Sarah’s creepy dick photo. In that we can learn a lesson, no matter how attractive witty anti-homophobia may be, students much prefer 6ft high penises.

Likes: 11

It seems then Sarah stormed well into the lead early on with her photo from Amsterdam, gathering a total of 18 likes, and stayed there. Perhaps it just goes to show that you can post many controversial assertions, nostalgic videos or pictures of cats and it get a considerable amount of likes. Nothing though will beat a population’s fascination with enormous genitalia.

Caroline Chan, Sarah Dear and Will Hazell 


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