The Mousetrap @ Theatre Royal

Famed for its record-breaking run, The Mousetrap is a truly renowned piece of theatre, which originally captivated audiences at Theatre Royal Nottingham in 1952. Since then it has been performed over 25,000 times, becoming one of the most successful productions in history. Celebrating its 60th anniversary the play returns to where it all began, the Theatre Royal Nottingham, and the performance is not to be missed! 

Young couple Mollie (Jemma Walker) and Giles Ralston (Bruno Langley) are set to open their guesthouse; with lodgers already booked in the pair are stressed with preparation. As the guests begin to arrive, the news that a murder has been committed in London sounds from the radio. All of those that arrive match the description of the murderer, and a call from Sergeant Trotter (Bob Saul) set the wheels in motion for a classic who-dun-it. All of the characters have their own oddities; though they are depicted as more odd than monstrous, one of them is the murderer. However, murderer or not, everyone has reason to lie.

The cast all gave excellent performances, highlighted by Steven France as Christopher Wren, who delivered bursts of humour, quirkiness and an eccentricity that was both humorous and refreshing. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Power is ever so convincing as the cranky and ill-tempered Mrs Boyle who is so difficult to impress. Karl Howman as Mr Paravinci is suitably peculiar in the role while Bruno Langley is excellent as Giles Ralston, mixing mild mannered gentleman and aggressive jealous husband with ease. With the plays vibe switching between moments of tragedy, humour and suspense, the cast handle the transitions seamlessly and with consummate skill.  The arrival of Sergeant Trotter is a refreshing moment; he arrives on skis and is clearly somewhat of an unconventional cop, but performs an in depth investigation that is both tense and humorous, performed impeccably by (Bob Saul).

As a classic piece of theatre a visit to Theatre Royal Nottingham this week to see The Mousetrap is a must. The performance by the cast, combined with the sheer history and significance of the play makes for a splendid evening.

Tom Baul

Image: Helen Maybanks

The Mousetrap runs at the Theatre Royal until Saturday 18th May. For tickets go to

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