Hockley’s Hidden Gems: Void


The beauty of shopping in Hockley is the diversity that it offers and you’d be a fool to be intimidated by the content in Void’s shop window. Easily regarded as the watering hole for ‘alternative fashion’, the mainly black, studded, laced-up and zipped attired found in Void caters to a specific dress sense, but what is often forgotten is the joy of individualising clothing, that stretches beyond the creativity of vintage attire. Void is a place for the bold and the brave, those willing to try something new; whether it be the chunky silver studded cuffs or the leopard print skinny jeans. Plus, who can say no to a shop with skeleton mugs in the window?


Void is a shop with a sense of humor. Rumour has it that it’s sign was once simply a blank black stretch of metal above the door-frame, representing a ‘void’ of nothingness. I found it pretty amusing myself. Inside the quirky humour continues where an explosion of bright beauty products greets me, alongside a library of multi-coloured fake lashes, John Lennon-style-sunglasses, crazy tights, hair extensions and a phenomenal amount of chains and studded leather. As well as being a great point of call for fancy dress, old fashion habits from years gone by are re-kindled and inside my head, the leather cuffs, skinny chains, dark nail polish and rosary beads are pictured with a modest skirt and shirt.


This is a shop that brings out the creativity in personal style, and I feel a need to prove to myself that I can and will be this versatile in shopping here. Finding some interesting pieces of jewellery was a reward for the fruits of my labour, as baroque inspired and gothic influence jewellery are hard trends to nail without looking tacky, but the pieces in Void are definitely keepers. Gothic cross pendants with engraved detailing and the classic black gems are just the right size for when the trend comes round again (because it will). In contrast, the bronzed mechanical pieces, fresh from a car engine, hanging on pendant chains and earrings add variety from the usual choices of silver and gold.


Looking past the band t-shirts and slouchy black jeans, one rack caught my eye that serves up a great selection of jeans for women, offering some awesome patterns and colours for a better price than previously found on the high-street. Darkside Jeans are a brand that makes great quality slim-fit and skinny jeans with an emphasis on alternative prints. Plain red and black jeans hung between leopard print, red and black leopard print and an aggressively bright tartan print; items to be worn with an attitude to match.


There comes a great sense of satisfaction in buying a staple item from an unknown brand and a shop like Void brings diversity to your wardrobe. Studded cuffs and top hats may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely for those on a quest to create a unique sense of style. The trends and accessories stocked at here will always be in demand and the reassurance for quality is something you can rely on. That and going for the glow of pride in wearing tartan trousers to campus.

Rosie Feenstra


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