Live Review: Ruen Brothers, The Priory (21/06/13)


Before you read this I will point out that I do love this band; the professionalism that oozes out of the young men is phenomenal, and in the same manner their live performance is hard to beat. However for a band to truly be loved there must be a reason, and with the Ruen Brothers, they just keep coming, after the single ‘Walk Like A Man’ being Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record In The World’ and a sterling performance at Dot To Dot, returning for a homecoming show merely increased this ever growing list.

The two brothers from Scunthorpe returned to their hometown to provide an astonishing show in association with JD Roots. It wasn’t just the free Jack Daniels that made this a great night, the band gave everything. In contrast to Dot To Dot, where the brothers gave a  great performance, in Scunny they were relaxed, with friends and family in the audience they were giving back to those who helped get to where they are today.

It is hard to chose a highlight as from start to finish Ruen Brothers kept the crowd entertained and every song was a joy to hear. Obviously ‘Aces’ and ‘Walk Like A Man’ were the two tracks sung by most but it was great to hear real fans singing along to less well known songs including ‘Sunnyside Of Town’ and ‘What’s Going On?’. Admiration can only be had when a band are screamed back onto the stage for an encore rather than the modern norm of it being a gig requirement. The diversity and class this band have is incredible to hear, and with Glastonbury fast approaching I think this band will do well no matter what the clash.

I fully recommend seeing this band, they incorporate a 60’s feel into the modern age and they know how to impress a crowd. I think it is fair to say Rupert, Henry, Charlie and Gary are undoubtedly the ones to watch.

Daniel Jones


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