On Golden Pond @ The Lace Market Theatre

‘Can I get you a coffee? How ya doing?’ Ethel Thayer (Carol Parkinson) will ask you. She is pleasant and likable. ‘Might be my last’, jokes back Norman Thayer (Geoff Longbottom). Norman is Ethel’s blithe and jovial counterpart. I am willing Norman Thayer to die. Cheery, affable, cordial and nice: On Golden Pond at The Lace Market Theatre is all these things. Riveting, heart- pounding, and jaw- dropping it is not. Ernest Thompson wouldn’t want to frighten you!

Thompson centres his play on one of life’s paragons, a serene evening with the family. The play is set in the Thayer’s summer home built on the banks of Golden Pond, with a perfect view of the lake. Ethel and Norman’s house is well stocked with fishing rods, Monopoly, The Swiss Family Robinson, and the Thayer family themselves. To complete the picture, the retired couple are joined by their grown-up daughter, Chelsea and some mild family drama.

Life offers few pleasures that are both as satisfying and sweet as a night in with the family. Thompson’s script recreates this scene frame by frame, cup of tea by cup of coffee and bad joke by retort. So vividly does Thompson’s script capture the family gathering that the same effect could be achieved by staying in. On Golden Pond is strikingly true to form. Who wouldn’t want to see their tranquil family holiday reproduced, in perfect detail, on stage?

Although On Golden Pond has a questionable script, it does showcase our local amateur talent. Parkinson and Longbottom tempered this ‘pleasant’ play with a witty rapport and lively chemistry. Parkinson in particular carries a strong stage presence. In addition this production features the debut of 12-year-old Alec Boaden as Billy Ray, providing an opportunity for up-and-coming talent.

Even if a nice night in with Ethel and Norman does not entice you to leave your furry slippers and Twinings tea, The Lace Market Theatre is still worth a visit. I would certainly recommend a visit when the days are longer and a chilly bus journey doesn’t stand between you and your theatre seat. Adorable theatre, but On Golden Pond was poor competition for Terry Pratchett and my hot water bottle.

Jenna Hutber

On Golden Pond runs at The Lace Market Theatre until Saturday 16th February 2013. 

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