Sex, Weights and Protein Shakes: IMPACT Interviews “Party” Marty Scurll


“I just get as drunk as possible and see what I wake up with in the morning” 


Professional wrestler Marty Scurll is the life of the party. Just ask the girls from Take Me Out, or his rivals from Challenge TV’s hit show TNA: British Bootcamp. At just 24 years old, “Party” Marty has established himself as the breakout star in British wrestling, appearing in dozens of promotions and grappling with the biggest names in America. His secret to success? He lives his gimmick. IMPACT’s Liam O’Brien sat down with Marty to discuss fame, balancing uni and wrestling, and THAT Take Me Out party.

“It was just a party; people were getting drunk and having sex”, Marty on the Take Me Out scandal



IMPACT: In the last year you’ve blown up in a big way, appearing on ITV’s Take Me Out, ITV2’s The Gossip, This Morning, and BBC News – not to mention being featured in national newspapers. How has it affected your everyday life?

Marty Scurll: It’s not affected me too much really. Every now and then I get recognized and people come up to me and ask for a photo. Having that exposure and getting positive feedback has been really good for me. Being on This Morning was pretty cool for sure! It hasn’t necessarily changed me, and it’s nice to know I’m appreciated.

I: You recently appeared on Challenge TV’s hit show TNA: British Boot Camp. The involvement of a massive US wrestling company like TNA obviously a big step for wrestling in Britain – how does it feel to be a part of it?

MS: There’s a strong independent wrestling scene in the UK which has had some good exposure, but nothing like this. I think it can only be a good thing for British wrestling. And on a personal level, being around guys like Hulk Hogan is just amazing, especially as I used to look up to them as kid. It’s been fantastic.

“To be around guys like Hulk Hogan is amazing”

I: Do you still keep in contact with the TNA guys?

MS: Yeah I actually saw Dixie [Carter, TNA President] two days ago in London. I also keep in contact with Jeremy Borash a lot. A few of the other guys too – Magnus, Zema Ion, and Robbie E. So yeah a few of the guys for sure.

I: You were on the front page of THE SUN for a Take Me Out related incident – what really happened at the mansion?

MS: It was just a party; people were getting drunk and having sex. All sorts of mischief just like any other 800-person house party. It must have been a slow news day for THE SUN to put it on the front page…

I: Speaking of your dating experience, do you have a any tip for picking up the ladies?

MS: I just get as drunk as possible and see what I wake up with in the morning! I’m generally not nice to them and that seems to work for me. All jokes aside, my top tip is never buy her a drink unless she’s your friend.

“Work hard, party harder, and then work even harder!”


I: You’re in your third year at university studying media. Do you enjoy the uni life?

MS: I have definitely enjoyed it and I would advise anybody to go to University. It seems silly to me for anybody as young as 16 to get a full time job – just enjoy yourself.

I: For “Party” Marty, what’s the perfect ratio of work/play?

MS: Work hard, party harder, and then work even harder! Pretty much every day I’m working in some aspect; whether it’s training, studying, or doing interviews like this. That’s why I have to party so hard – to unwind from it all!

I: Finally, have you ever encountered any crazy stalkers on the scene?

MS: There’s a lady who’s about 60 years old that I’ve named Crazy Sue! She comes to all the shows I do in the south and she’s always wearing a Party Marty t-shirt and giving me presents. It’s extremely sweet but a little weird at the same time. It’s not like I’ve got any really nice young models stalking me or anything like that though!


Liam O’Brien 



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