Album Review: Beady Eye – ‘BE’


Hailing from Liam Gallagher’s self-proclaimed ‘Centre of the Universe’, Manchester, it was only right that I tried penning a few words to Beady Eye‘s second release, BE. (The temptation to write this in a Mancunian accent was insatiable, but I was persuaded/warned otherwise)

With the unshakeable chip on his shoulder following Oasis‘ 38th split, Liam and co. have come back with another point to prove, and so, this was their chance to go hell for leather and adventure out of the shackles of nod-along SUNSHEIIIINE lad rock. Unfortunately, the predictability of the entire album reigns in what should have been some sort of defining moment for Beady Eye.

The album was penned by Liam whose lyricism is compiled of playground rhymes and sounded out through his trademark and beautiful Mancunian twang, but the help of David Sitek seemed exciting and promised a shift beyond lad-indie and into the psychedelic realms of something more thought out and rounded.

‘Flick Of The Finger’ kicks off the record, and unfortunately the album peaks therein; it’s whirling horns and monologue overture are clever and open the album with a strut and swagger that was often M.I.A. in the rushed Different Gear, Still Speeding.

‘Soul Love’, with its bright Sitek-directed twinkles of sonic psychedelia, delves into the murks and well trodden waters of a Beatles-inspired softly-softly rhythm. This track is just too Oasis. Is this a bad thing? No, not at all, but for Liam, it wouldn’t be the most ideal comment.

‘Face The Crowd’ is edgier and full of heavy reverb and explores a gutsier side of Beady Eye, but when it comes down to it, the track lacks the aggressive conviction it needs and deserves.

The latin-laden ‘Second Bite of the Apple’ sees Liam’s feverish tambourine make a pleasant return and the horn-y track stands out amongst a sea of other plod-along guitar f*ckriffery.

‘Don’t Brother Me’ is provocative and trademark hurting Liam, but sees an olive branch offered to ‘our kid’ Noel, “give peace a chance, Take my hand, Be a man”.

I really wanted to love this album, but this seems to just plug some holes until an inevitable 2015 Oasis re-re-re-reunion. ‘LG’ talks a good game and BE could have been his crowing glory aside from his brother; fresh and swaggering, but instead melted into something that’s been done many times before.

Adam Keyworth

…Adam has been listening to One Direction – Up All Night


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  • oasisblues
    17 July 2013 at 21:54
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    what an ignorant review.
    “The album was penned by Liam whose lyricism is compiled of playground rhymes..”
    not. 4 songs.
    Oasis 38th split? is it humour? Noel left the band 3 times, the split was the final one only.
    Soul Love is “just too Oasis”? ahahahaha if you check ALL the reviews around, by people who know something about music, they all say it’s a track Oasis would have never done.
    “that’s been done many times before” ahahaha the same.
    “for Liam, it wouldn’t be the most ideal comment”?! Liam LOVES Oasis, the one hating them, was called NOEL, dear Noely blinded fan

  • Andy Davidson
    19 July 2013 at 15:31
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    This has got to be the worst review I have ever read about a band EVER and I have read lots. For starters it isn’t even a fair review! Have you even listened to all the songs on the album? Soul Love Oasis??? Are you kidding me?
    When I heard about this Beady eye album I wasnt expecting anything decent, however I was pleasantly surprised, Ballroom Figured been an absolute genius of a song! The songs are quality and is very very different to Oasis and has its own twang to it.
    Are you even a proper journalist, cos if you are you’re a crap one who doesn’t know what they’re talkin about. Good luck in your career, you’re gonna need it!

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