Album Review: Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs – ‘Clarietta’

Friends of Toy and The Horrors, Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs are the next band to emerge from the growing pysch-garage scene in East London. Debut album Clarietta mixes 70s American art-punk with noisy psychedelia.

Towards the back end of 2012, The Voyeurs released ‘I Watch You’ on Heavenly Recordings, the same label as Toy, Temples and Stealing Sheep. It was a song about love, with a very English twist: ‘I watch you and I feel so dapper in love’. It remains the perfect rock n roll song, incorporating daft lyrics about love, huge guitar riffs and pumping drums. Despite Clarietta being a highly accomplished album, ‘I Watch You’ remains the band’s best song to date.

However, there is an abundance of other high class songs on the album. The title track’s stunning bassline propels this deceptively catchy track, and you’ll be humming it to yourself for days to come. ‘Go Blow A Gale’ is a keys-led take on Television, while ‘Be A Complete Dream’ is heavily glam-inspired. However what many listeners will find difficult is lead singer Charlie’s voice. It is certainly different and you won’t hear many others like it, but perhaps different is better in this case. It certainly doesn’t detract from what is a very polished album.

In Clarietta, Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs have managed to create a great debut record, with the promise of much, much more to come. Despite being associated with the likes of Toy and The Horrors, their music distances them from this scene, harking back to 1970s America, a genre of music that has been all too rare recently.

Alex Neely

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