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Feature: Southern Hemisphere Bands

How many bands do you think you could name from the Southern Hemisphere? AC/DC have had a huge impact on British music, so maybe it is just one? Or maybe you are a fan of Tame Impala, so subsequently it’s two. However how about those that are big where they are, and yet although would be big here, have not made it across? Well here’s my selection of bands that cover a variety of genres and are well worth a listen.

Starting off, Boy & Bear. This band is absolutely massive in the USA after an appearance in the show 90210, yet seem almost unheard in the UK. Looking at their YouTube, they have videos going up to over 700,000 views, so why haven’t we been graced with their amazing music? They are a five piece from Sydney Australia, and create folk like music, or as they put it “a combination of drivey indie folk and choral harmonies.” They have toured with some impressive names such as Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons and Crowded House, and their album Moonfire, reached number 2 in the Australian charts. They are a talented bunch, yet I can only think the reason we haven’t experienced this band in the UK, is due to the phenomenon created by Mumford and Sons, and the talents they show both live, and in their discography. So after a poor headline performance at Glastonbury, why not expand your folk repertoire and listen to BOY & BEAR as well as our Little Lion Men.

Recommended song: ‘Blood To Gold’.

Also, going to Australia again, this time Melbourne, to recommend Gypsy & The Cat. They played a lot in London last year, and are a combination of two former DJ’s Xavier Bacash and Lionel Towers. They didn’t receive, in my opinion enough mainstream radio time, however if you are from the capital, it seems unlikely that you would have missed this band, and the energetic performances they did. If I were to describe them I’d say, mix Empire of the Sun with the Flaming Lips, it’s an exciting sound, that to me would be great to drive too. Unlike bands such as MGMT, the one thing these two men have is the ability to perform live, with DJ experience, they know what people want, and that’s a great skill to have, and makes them a definite for your download list.

Recommended song: ‘Jona Vark’.

Kids Of 88 are for fans of Yuck, Hockey and Strange Talk, there is no doubt you will definitely enjoy these, unlike the other two, this is loud, jumping music! They supported Ke$ha last year on her European tour, and yet still seem to base themselves just in New Zealand, although appearing in New York last month. Like GYPSY & THE CAT this band are just a duo, and after listening to a lot of their music it’s hard to believe that just two people have come up with the music they have. They also have a cool tumblr page, that has loads of photos of them and where they have been, worth checking out. If I’m being honest it’s just another way to show how talented they are! Check it out though at http://kidsof88.tumblr.com/.

Recommended song is ‘My House’.

San Cisco are the final band to be mentioned in my Southern Hemisphere declaration. They take on sounds from Two Door Cinema Club and Satellite Stories, and are huge in Australia. NME are slowly pushing these through, but for a band that I have known for so long it is a surprise that only now are they getting the recognition they deserve.

Final recommendation: ‘Awkward’.

So you may not have heard of them, but once you start listening there is no doubt you will wish you had heard of them sooner.

Daniel Jones

…Daniel is listening to The Neighbourhood – ‘How’…

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