Live Review: Filthy Boy, Old Nun’s Head, Peckham (27/07/13)


Before embarking on a series of summer festival dates, Filthy Boy played one last London show for friends, family and fans in a South London pub, near where the band grew up.

Earlier this year, the foursome released their debut album, Smile That Won’t Go Down. For what is a breath of indie fresh air in the 2013 music scene, the album has received nowhere near the attention that it deserves. Jangly guitars, funky basslines and witty lyrics, it ought to satisfy any music lover’s taste buds, yet has remained unfairly sidelined.

Thankfully, they are capable of seemlessly transferring their sound into highly accomplished live performances, and tonight is no different.

Often, free gigs can be lacking for atmosphere, but there is a real buzz around the venue tonight. Friends of the band, Hot Head Show and Jerk Curb also play, giving the night more of a celebratory feel. Filthy Boy have nothing to prove to this audience, and as a result, they shine.

The band race through a set that includes almost every song from the debut album. Stand-out songs of the night include the wistful melancholy of ‘Mental Conditions’, the fantastic story-telling of ‘That Life’ and doom anthem, ‘Jimmy Jammies’. However, it is ‘Oh Dear’ that really shows Filthy Boy’s potential, with its simple, yet enthralling Alex Turner-esque minimalistic guitar and hypnotic lyrics.

Upon the set’s completion, a middle-aged man turns to me and triumphantly declares that Filthy Boy would not have been out of place in the 1980s indie scene. Perhaps, this is bigger than any compliment that I could possibly muster, as 80s indie is definitely where many of their influences lie. Think the intelligent, jangly pop of early Wedding Present, Talulah Gosh and co.

With talk of ideas for a potential second album already underway, the future is looking bright for Filthy Boy.

Alex Neely

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