Live Review: The Amazing Snakeheads, The Victoria, Dalston (23/07/13)


Last month, we introduced The Amazing Snakeheads to you. We speculated on how thrilling their live show would be. Now we know, and boy is it thrilling!

Search The Amazing Snakeheads on the Internet, and you will find very little about them. Apart from debut single, ‘Testifying Time’, and b-side, ‘The Truth Serum’, there is no other music of theirs to be heard anywhere. The only way to hear if their other songs are as good as that debut single is to go and see them live, so that’s exactly what Impact did.

For what ought to have been one of the most exciting gigs of 2013, with one of the most hyped bands of the moment playing, it was a shame to see the venue only two-thirds full. However, those that were there will know that they have seen something special, the start of something that could be very, very big.

Taking to the stage just before 10pm, with most of the crowd still enjoying the considerably cooler temperatures outside, the Glaswegian trio launched into ‘Testifying Time’. Playing your most well known song first is quite a statement. It was almost as if they were desperate to get that one out of the way so they could show us what else they have.

‘The Truth Serum’ soon followed, leaving almost half an hour for previously unheard songs. Whereas ‘Testifying Time’ is fantastically radio-friendly, whilst still remaining raw and loud, the majority of Snakeheads’ songs follow the example set by the b-side. Most are reduced to the primal rhythm section, driven by the drums and bass, with the choruses revolving around the screeching guitar. It was quite unlike anything I had ever seen before, simply wetting my taste buds for next time. That better be soon.

The Amazing Snakeheads make exciting music, allowing for a superb live show. Half a year down the line, and they will be selling out venues like The Victoria five times over. They play loud and they play hard, with songs that are almost unique in today’s music scene.

They are the type of band to get excited about, as their focus is purely on the music. When being interviewed on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6Music show the following day, lead singer Dale stated that the music was only ever intended for their own enjoyment. If they keep going this way, a lot more people will be enjoying their music.

Alex Neely

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