Album Review: They Say Fall – Enigma


They Say Fall are back with their new E.P ‘Enigma’ a follow up to ‘Every Saint Has A Past, Every Sinner Has A Future’. It is definitely an E.P that has a lot to live up to after the debut. The rock/post-hardcore band spent a lot of time working on the E.P but rather than an anticlimax, they have produced something seriously impressive to listen to, as well as being surely incredible when performed live.

We are slowly brought into ‘Enigma’, with a crescendo feel during the first ten seconds of ‘Queen Of The Guilty’, I would like to emphasize the ‘first ten seconds’ because that’s the only time you get to breathe during this hard hitting, impressively created E.P. The screaming in the middle of the song is like the band are shaking you to wake up, letting you know they’ve arrived, and quite frankly that the nine tracks on this E.P are huge. Then comes the last thirty seconds of the song where if you don’t spend it thinking of how incredible live this song would be, then I am surprised.

‘Gwoemul’ comes next, and after an impressive opening  you are ready for this next heavy hit. They Say Fall manage to combine the aggression of Cancer Bats with the incredibly clever lyrical ability that we would expect from Deftones. ‘Gwoemul’ takes you through almost four different stages and sounds, from lead singer Kehn singing to you, onto Brad screaming at you then straight through to the band coming together to give it everything. Once again, this song is just one that will work live, from furious mosh pits onto a little moment of rest, then straight back to serious intensity. ‘Poseidon’ is one of the highlights of this E.P, it plays the role ‘Nausea’ did on ‘Every Saint Has A Past, Every Sinner Has A Future’, however we are provided with a sound a lot more refined. For fans of bands such as Madina Lake, this song will not disappoint. The band spent a long time writing, producing and perfecting this E.P and you can really tell, they have undoubtedly creating something not only worth listening to, not even to go see live, but something to properly enjoy.


The E.P was launched with the track ‘Red Death’ as well as ‘Ivy’ following soon after being played by BBC Introducing. ‘Ivy’ is enticing, it has this edge that makes you want to listen on, something that is rare in a lot of music being played these days. It lures you into a false sense of security at the start so when the screaming is deployed you get taken aback, because it is backed up by a big chorus, which from the start of the song, as intriguing as it is, does not give you the impression of what’s coming. You can tell why ‘Red Death’ was released and followed with a video, because its upbeat, in your face, almost declaring ‘Guess who’s back?’ The song has a hint of ‘Up All Night’ by Blink 182 and the way their comeback was accentuated by this big sound which grasped everyone’s attention.

Enigma ends just as it starts. ‘Employee Of The Weak’ starts with this epic sound portraying how the band are clearly incredibly talented.  However at the end, it fades out, just like it faded in, it gently lets you go. That’s the  best thing about this E.P, you get pushed into the pit, thrown around, maybe onto the floor, but then you are picked back up and sent on your way, not quite expecting what you went to see and hear, but loving it once you leave.

Daniel Jones

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