Tories appoint Obama aide for 2015 election while Labour lag behind

Despite the election being just under two years away, the Tories are getting a jump-start on their campaign.

They have recently hired Jim Messina (above) from the Obama campaign, in a move that is certain to put Labour under pressure.

This may not come as a surprise to some since they hired Australian strategist Lynton Crosby last November. He is nicknamed ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and has fought off critics with successes in Australia, and most recently a triumphant re-election campaign for the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. Crosby privately admitted that social media was not his strong suit, and Mr. Messina is credited with much of the strategy surrounding Obama’s hugely successful social-media-driven 2008 campaign. The Conservatives now appear to have all their bases covered for the election in 2015, whilst Labour is lagging behind with their inaction.

Although Messina will not play a large role in the Conservative campaign, he intends to act as a consultant for the party, advising on campaign strategy. He has said that he deeply admires David Cameron, but he will remain in the US and consult with Crosby and the Conservative Party co-chairs. Conservative sources have added that he will have no part in party policy decisions.

Messina has had a great career already, landing himself a spot as Obama’s deputy chief of staff, before leaving the position to head up the re-election campaign. Dan Pfieffer, another senior aide to the President, called him “the most powerful person in Washington you’ve never heard of” in 2008.

This most recent appointment appears to turn heads to Labour. Ed Miliband has so far made significantly less progress in organizing his election campaign for 2015. Party members are now urging him to take action, but will it be too little too late? The Conservatives have set the standard with their two key appointments and it begs the question of whether Labour can follow suit?

Jacqueline Kuzio


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