Blurred Lines Banned In Five UK Universities

A petition has been started by the UoN Feminists calling on the University to ban Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ song. The song has been accused of promoting non-consensual sex and glorifying sexual violence.

The move by UoN Feminists comes after five universities in the UK; Kingston, Derby, Edinburgh, Leeds and West Scotland, have banned the song within their Students’ Union.

Mike Dore, Equal Opportunities & Welfare Officer for The University of Nottingham’s Students’ Union told Impact: “It is great that Edinburgh and Leeds have banned the song from their venues, however as you know we as Officers follow a student mandate and only act on issues like this if students express the need for us to do so. If any students have been affected by this I would encourage them to raise it via our ‘Change It’ page on the SU website. As ever, we do not tolerate degrading or sexist behaviour in accordance with our Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment Policy and would encourage students to think about the wider issue of sexism rather than the lyrics of one song”.

“[UoN SU] would encourage students to think about the wider issue of sexism rather than the lyrics of one song”

The explicit music video features three semi-naked girls, while Robin Thicke, TI and Pharrell Williams remain fully clothed. It has been extensively criticised for demeaning and sexually objectifying women. It was briefly removed from YouTube to protect viewers from its offensive nature.


The University of Nottingham Radio station, URN, told Impact: “If or when the Students’ Union at The University Nottingham make a decision to ban ‘Blurred Lines’, the song will be taken off our system and not played again. Until then, the song will be played if a listener requests the song or if a presenter decides to play it. However, as the song is quite old it is not on our playlist anymore so is not part of the 70% of music played at the station. We are the University’s radio station so can’t make decisions to ban songs as a committee, but if the students at the University push for the SU to do so we will fully support that”.

University of Nottingham Feminists commented: “UoN Feminists have discussed the banning of Blurred Lines in Nottingham University with University Radio Nottingham and would support the SU in this decision. We believe it would promote the notion that Nottingham does not condone sexism and rape culture.”

Amy Jaciuch

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    I think there’s a lot more pressing issues than the playing of a moronic song.

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