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Guide to Cinema-going in Nottingham

Broadway Cinema

For the cinema aficionado, Broadway is the place to be. Besides showing all the latest indie-flicks that you won’t be able to see anywhere else, they have one-off screenings of old classics; film seasons such as their Alcohol Awareness Week and the acclaimed Mayhem Film Festival, an annual celebration of gore and depravity, featuring horror classics old and new complete with special guests and competitions. Broadway even boasts its own in house film production team.

Although independent, Broadway possess several screens of varying size, including The Lounge, an intimate 15 seat screen with sofas in all shapes and sizes, Broadway certainly wins you over for originality.  And after the screening you can always relax in one of two dynamic bars. Everything about Broadway screams a love for the art of film. True cinephiles will likely be spending a lot of time here.



Natives of the UK will likely be familiar with Cineworld, it is the second largest cinema operator in Britain so chances are there is one near you. Cineworld Nottingham is located on the second floor of the Corner House and boasts 14 screens, including a recently installed IMAXIMAX screen. They can afford to exhibit a wide variety of films and host some unmissable double features. Before summer they showed Avengers Assemble followed by the midnight showing of Iron Man 3, a week later there was a similar event showcasing Star Trek followed by Star Trek: Into Darkness. 

Unfortunately, being part of a large chain, Cineworld Nottingham lacks the individuality of Broadway and The Savoy. But due to the sheer range of screens, they’re bound to be showing something that interests you. Furthermore, the Corner House is also home to many restaurants in case your night to the cinema also calls for a meal out.


Savoy Cinema

The Savoy Cinema is perhaps the most popular cinema amongst students, and it’s easy to see why. Located in the heart of Lenton and a short walk (or bus ride) from University Park Campus it’s ideally situated for the majority of students. Perhaps even more appealing is its value for money, a student ticket will set you back a mere £4, and if you take advantage of Orange Wednesdays you’re looking at half of that. You aren’t going to see films for less than that!

Like Broadway, the Savoy is on the smaller end of the cinema scale, but the selection of films they exhibit is entirely different. The Savoy is in on the mainstream end, usually showing the latest blockbusters and films in wide release. Keep a look out for some of their one-off screenings of old classics, Top Gun and The Godfather to name a couple of my favourites, and I’m sure there are many more to come.



Like the Savoy, Showcase is located within walking distance of Uni Park Campus, but is not as generously priced. A student ticket will set you back £6.50, which is at least a jagerbomb difference in price to the Savoy. However, the benefit of Showcase over Savoy is its size, with over twice as many screens there’s lot more options of what to see, so if you don’t fancy getting the bus to town, Showcase might be your best bet.

Screen 22

Screen 22“The comfort of your living room coupled with a big screen cinema experience”. All you need to know about Screen 22 is that it’s small, like, really small. But size isn’t everything, Screen 22 is run by people who love film and want to cater for everyone. They show new releases, cult classics and features from local filmmakers. Many of their screenings are decided via a poll on their Facebook page. Sadly, Screen 22 only shows movies a couple of times a month, but is always available for private parties for you and 21 of your friends. It’s definitely worth checking their site from time to time, there just might be something that takes your fancy.

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