Live Review: Broken Hands / Storms, Bodega (19/09/13)


Canterbury’s Broken Hands arrived at Nottingham’s Bodega on the second night of their UK tour.

Having kicked off the year by supporting buzz band Palma Violets, Broken Hands have begun to earn themselves a reputation for their blues-inspired rock n roll. On this, the second night of a UK tour, they played to a disappointingly small, yet interested, crowd in the intimate surroundings of The Bodega.

Broken Hands were very firmly challenged for the band of the night by Storms, a London 90s-influenced four-piece. They began relatively weakly, with a couple of mediocre faux-grunge numbers; the kind of thing that Tribes and Peace are regurgitating to desperate teenagers. From the third song in, however, we were treated to a stunning display of Bossanova-era Pixies eccentric grunge, before the final song reverted to the dire ‘indie’ that I’d hoped they’d left behind. Storms could be great, they just need to decide which direction they are headed.

Before Broken Hands took to the stage, Pixies’ Doolittle was played in full. And yes, for a while, Broken Hands emulated Pixies with their bass-driven grunge. However, it soon became apparent that Broken Hands’ roots lie very firmly in American blues and classic rock, giving them a very American feel. The band are quite obviously well-practiced and very tight, even surviving with a broken bass drum for the final song.

Another impressive line-up at Nottingham’s Bodega, but it’s just the beginning of a series of even more impressive gigs coming up this Autumn. Get down to see next year’s biggest bands in this small venue.

Alex Neely

…Alex is listening to Polterghost – ‘Ordinary’…


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