Live Review: Kagoule / Autobahn, Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds (25/09/13)


Impact followed Nottingham’s very own, Kagoule, to Leeds where they once again confirmed their status as the city’s best band.

Having only left college in the summer, it is easy to understand why Kagoule are taking it easy. With just the solitary single to their names, February’s ‘Monarchy’, the trio’s progress has been steady, supporting a series of large names across Nottingham and the North, and beginning to take their home city by force. It is only a matter of time before their grungey post-punk leaves the confines of Nottingham and the rest of the UK realise just how special they are.

In support were Leeds’ Autobahn, playing just their sixth ever show. Friends of fellow Leeds-based band, Eagulls, it is easy to draw musical similarities between the two. However, Autobahn’s sound concentrates on the darker, more brittle post-punk in contrast to Eagulls’ faster punk. Autobahn are all echoes and screams, with throbbing basslines and eerie guitars. Final song and forthcoming debut single, ‘Seizure’, is the highlight of a very promising set. Keep an eye on these guys.

Next, Kagoule take to the stage, later complaining of its small size. If anything, the stage’s size and the resulting close proximity of the three members contributes to the tightest Kagoule set that Impact has seen to date. Lawrence’s unusually low positioning on the drumkit and bassist Lucy’s minor battle with a bottle of beer don’t detract from what is an exceptional set.

Beginning with the aforementioned debut single, the threesome power through what is now a very recognisable setlist. ‘Made Of Concrete’ is as perfectly-constructed as ever, and b-side ‘Mudhole’ verges on the anthemic yet falls firmly on the side of soaring post-punk. However, it is the band’s heavier moments that impress the most, with the considerably louder ‘Empty Mug’ showcasing the band’s heavier, more punk-orientated influences. Final song, ‘Encave’, is once more the set’s stand-out song, beginning with a Dropkick Murphys riff before emerging into a thrillingly updated Pixies chorus.

Kagoule are the best band in Nottingham right now. There is no denying that. Catch them now before the rest of the country does.

Alex Neely

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