Live Review: Paramore, Capital FM Arena (24/09/13)


Against a backdrop of faux-curtains and flashing lights in all colours, Paramore appear to have moved on from their ‘old’ days of mosh-pit inducing music but top off their return with a confetti gun.

Following a three year absence, which Hayley said they had spent watching Breaking Bad, Paramore returned to the UK to showcase their fourth eponymous album, signalling a slight change in tempo from the band. The album’s lyrics speak of growing up, looking forward to the future and letting go of anger.

Starting with upbeat songs ‘Grow Up’ and ‘Fast In My Car’, their set heavily featured the new material, though it was interspersed with old favourites, ‘Decode,’ ‘Pressure,’ and ‘Crushcrushcrush’. The band also included all three interludes, during which Hayley sings with just a banjo for company.

Towards the end of the set, Hayley gives a motivational speech to fans about how letting go can sometimes be the healthiest option, before performing a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘In the Mourning/Landslide’. Perhaps she was referring to the split with the Farro brothers? They also had a fan who was at her twentieth Paramore show join them onstage to sing a chorus of ‘Misery Business’ with them, which raised the crowd’s already high spirits.

Although this tour is to promote the new album, I felt they neglected their older material, which got Paramore to where they are today. After all, it was the band’s heavier material that sparked my interest in them in the first place. A slight complaint on an otherwise flawless night.

Caroline Chan

…Caroline has been listening to Arctic Monkeys – ‘Do I Wanna Know?’


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