MFW SS’14: Prada

I dare anyone to challenge Prada’s seemingly God-given title as headliner of MFW. The fashion house that has the authority to majorly turn the fashion tables at their whim, needs serious paying attention to for SS’14. Their immense trendsetting power is unrivalled, bringing forth with them in recent seasons the revival of the stripe, bold prints and unashamed, bold femininity. Next season’s collection veers drastically away from their Les Mis-esque AW13 collection based on recurring themes of poverty and contrast, whilst Prada’s summer promises playful and artful prints that exude a wonderful optimism.


Initial thoughts brought to mind the work of Rosenquist – montages of rainbows and portraits brought classic pieces to life, awarding otherwise easy-to-wear shapes and fabrics a lively spirit. It’s worth noting the pop art inspiration had some serious surrealist edge – with themes which could have very easily spilled over into child-like fantasies, the backing palette of khakis and black was incredibly down to earth, making the unfamiliar utterly modern and truly covetable.


Sportswear infiltrated a scene of pleats and princess coats with knee-high socks playing the role as major style-shifter here, so innovative a swing towards the Italian eye for Sportswear is a much unexpected but veritably delightful turn of events. Watch out Kors, Hilfiger, and Klein.


An interesting point to consider is how the high street will inevitably try to interpret this look – complex layers of bejewelled bras crowning pristine faces emblazoned across dresses and coats mean they certainly have their work cut out for them. However this collection also works fantastically as a show of separates; jumpers, skirts, even the occasional bandeau peeking through make this style easier to wear than a first glance would lead the cautious to believe. Coats a –plenty also means we won’t feel utterly betrayed by our British summer when the time to stash them away ends up seeming like forever away.


The wonderful thought to take away after witnessing such a remarkable slap in the face to all convention is how Miuccia managed to do it again. The Italian designer seems to single-handedly rewrite the rule book and moreover, astoundingly stick to her own creative vision, something that can seriously lack nowadays. From now ‘till next summer should be enough time to build the courage to be knee-high wearing, slick-haired, rainbow donning pop art canvases, right?


Amrit Santos

Image by Rafel Miro via Flickr

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