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NYFW SS’14: Victoria Beckham


Last week New York opened its doors to one of the most profound and unexpectedly brilliant designers of the past 5 years: Victoria Beckham. And as much as I hate to say it, (their gain is most definitely our loss) New York suited her completely.

If there’s one trend I love, it’s monochrome, and Victoria Beckham is the queen. The endlessly talented designer supplied yet another victorious collection as she unveiled her SS ’14 offerings. As hinted at, monochrome was the key; and this is something Mrs Beckham excels at. Another focus of VB’s has always been the shape and form of her pieces, and again, this is a key element of design that she just always gets right.


The majority of the collection was clean and fresh and hung from the body in a way that made those in the FROW swoon. Moving away from her previous collections in which a sharper fit was the key, Beckham’s new designs had a looser feel without losing their sophistication and crispness. Victoria flirted with ruffles and loose peplums in her pieces, and the V neck was an on-going feature. Her use of organza in the monochrome pieces was beautiful, chic, and classic Victoria.


The collection also at points had a sporty feel, but in true Victoria Beckham style, still managed to maintain an air of sophistication and maturity. This hybridity is arguably what was so clever and unique about the collection. The pop of colour in the form of raspberry pink and burgundy mid way through the show meant the collection could even at points be described as fun and youthful. These were indeed her standout pieces, as well as some of her more classic monochrome cuts like look 11: the white organza/a-line duo or look 4: the sporty v neck tennis-esque black dress.


Now of course the show simply can’t be discussed without mention of the outrageously adorable Harper Beckham, who sat attentively on her father’s lap throughout, and even coaxed a smile from the usually straight-faced Anna Wintour. Even the most sceptical VB fan cannot deny that this was one of the highlights of an altogether fantastic show.

Becky Fearn


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