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Pornographic Images of Women Welcome Freshers on ‘Official’ Lincoln Hall Twitter Account

A Twitter account alleging to be the official University of Nottingham account for Lincoln Hall has tweeted pornographic images of women.

The images of two naked women sitting on transparent plastic chairs are captioned with the words: “Freshers 2013? Lincoln hopes so”.


The account has been active since the 23rd of August. Other tweets include a photograph of Emma Watson, with the caption: “Lincoln hopes the girls in Lincoln look like this this year”, as well as retweets of photographs of model Megan Fox.


The Sherwood Hall twitter account has also come under scrutiny with tweets such as “Freshers’ week won’t be the only time I will be visiting Freshers’ rooms- #comeatmegirls”, posted over the summer.


Speaking about the content both of the Lincoln and Sherwood accounts, Sherwood Hall’s JCR President, Tom Gladstone, told Impact: “I don’t necessarily think that this is wrong and that said ‘banter’ on informal twitter accounts is inappropriate”.

“I don’t necessarily think that this is wrong and that said ‘banter’ on informal twitter accounts is inappropriate”

UoN Feminists told Impact: “We wonder if Lincoln has thought about the women it may be marginalising in this Tweet.

“The presumption that “hot girl Freshers” will be at the will of the people writing this post is shocking, let alone that the implication that a woman is only as good as her body”.


Although the Twitter accounts have no official backing by the Students’ Union, the SU’s twitter account follows @JCRSherwoodHall, who have had exchanges on twitter with @UoNLincoln. JCR Vice-President for Sherwood, Samuel Wall, told Impact that the SU “have been aware of what we have tweeted and not once replied to anything”. He added that the Lincoln account “could cut some freshers off”.

Gladstone also commented: “it doesn’t seem like [the Lincoln Hall account] is being used as a proper representation of the hall and its JCR in terms of information sharing, event organising and help and advice”. He added that first years may view @UoNLincoln’s tweets as “official sources of information” and as such “it is really important not to post anything that may intimidate or seem aggressive”.

The Students’ Union Education Officer, Dasha Karzunina, told Impact that the Lincoln account “seems like a random account… The SU certainly doesn’t endorse it but don’t think the Uni does either”.

Laura Bates, the founder of the Everyday Sexism Project, told Impact that the account is “yet another manifestation of the sexism that seems to be filtering through not only freshers’ week but the whole student experience, sending female students incredibly damaging and unhelpful messages about their value and function being purely restricted to their looks right from their very first experience of higher education”. The Everyday Sexism Project is a collection of over 10,000 daily experiences of sexism.

The Students’ Union Welfare Officer, Mike Dore, has released a statement in response to increasing concerns over the trending issue ‘#FreshersWeekSexism’:

“Tolerance policy to Sexual Harassment, in accordance with the NUS definition of sexual harassment. This is defined as groping, pinching or smacking of your body/having your clothes lifted/someone exposing themselves to you without consent. During Week One, but also throughout the year, the Union promotes this message and encourages any student who faces sexual harassment of any kind to report it to us – either through our Welfare Officer Mike Dore or through our Student Advice Centre”.

The twitter account has now been removed.

Emily Tripp


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  • Anonymous
    19 September 2013 at 21:32
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    awful!!! 🙁
    This view of women has to be stopped

  • AW
    19 September 2013 at 21:35
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    Awful!! 🙁
    This view of women has to be stopped.
    Can’t believe JCR pres reply to this.
    Hope account has been hacked and its not real UoN comments.
    SU must stop following these accounts immediately.

  • Miah
    20 September 2013 at 10:55
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    University & Freshers week can be a minefield of gropey ‘lad’ culture guys generally being creeps, making assumptions about what they can do and say to you as a girl and writing you off as leading them on or a total prude when you, however kindly, tell them where to go. It’s an issue that is ALWAYS there while clubbing in the city and is something that the SU needs to take seriously and try and prevent.

    There’s a ‘boys will be boys’ attitude which is insanely inappropriate to many things that would be considered sexual assault if everyone didn’t just let it go because it happened in bloody Crisis.

    Obviously these Twitter accounts aren’t the SU or university advocating or encouraging this behaviour, but I do feel like the reaction of the SU should be something more serious. The SU shouldn’t just ‘not endorse it’, but actively disagree and show that this is not the kind of attitude okay whilst at university.

    True it’s just some stupid Twitter account that most people won’t see, but if you’ve been on the receiving end of countless drunk guys with the attitude of “this is uni and I AM going to get laid”, then you’ll understand that even things like this are worth making a big deal over.

  • David
    20 September 2013 at 15:07
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    It’s certainly tasteless but the reaction from some have been very O.T.T

  • Medium Sized Name on Campus
    20 September 2013 at 15:12
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    You get the impression from Twitter accounts like this that Freshers Week is going to be like an episode of Skins with booze and sex on tap. If only….

    I had an ok time during freshers but it was hardly the “best week of my life”. My hall corridor were not exactly friends for life material and it took me a few more weeks to find my niche my joining societies and making friends on my course once lectures started.

  • Henry Rag
    21 September 2013 at 10:41
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    It seems there can be no more jokes these days without someone getting offended. I think some people need to learn how to take a joke and lighten up.

  • Ben
    22 September 2013 at 21:42
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    I have to say this article is a major over reaction to a clear joke, not everything is meant as offensive. I bet no one complained to the page directly before it was deactivated.

  • Mike Sucks
    23 September 2013 at 17:05
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    Mike, if you are saying that you have a policy in place in such cases where a girl gets gropes… well, that is great. However, what about non-physical acts of sexual harassment? Are you suggesting that everything up until “pinching” or “smacking” is okay. Rethink.

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