The Madness of Fashion

Let’s face it, fashion can get a little bit crazy sometimes. What might look visually stunning on a fashion week runway might just look ridiculous in everyday life. Catwalk fashion is notoriously daring, sometimes to the point of madness, but despite the impracticality of a teddy-bear crown or a croissant necklace, eccentricity is having something of a revival, so embrace the madness and add some daring to your standard wardrobe.


The recent SS’14 fashion weeks acted as a showcase for the rekindled love of the eccentric. Things that would normally be inconceivable as clothing somehow ended up looking phenomenal on the global fashion spectrum, and designers took a turn to the bizarre. One prominent example of the exuberance of this movement was Moschino’s show at Milan fashion week. It was, to put it simply, fantastically mad. Teddy-bear crowns and croissant necklaces were just the start, as the models almost seemed to be decked in fancy dress – French Maids and ‘Cow’ gowns alongside flamenco dresses and suede cowgirls. As a 30th birthday celebration this show acted as a lesson in partying, and how better to do it than with a little bit of madness. A lesson we can all learn in life.

Adding a small touch of things like this to your outfit not only makes you stand out from the crowd, but can add a little brightness to your day, a little smile when you look in the mirror.

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Slogan tees and jewellery are two easy (and subtle) ways to add a touch of the eclectic to your look. Take your choice of suggestive, tongue in cheek messages which this season are emblazoned over t-shirts and knitwear everywhere, be it Moschino’s ‘Holy Chic’ or Henry Holland’s ‘Pas devant les enfants!’ its easy to put a bit of comedy and keep a sense of style. If you fancy going down the jewellery route, the Queen’s of the laser-cut: Tatty Devine should be your first stop. Offering everything from giant gold t-rex necklaces (right, £132.00)and Picasso inspired bibs to zodiac brooches, everything about these items is statement, stylish and seductively gorgeous.

So while a full on recreation of Alexander McQueen’s Elizabethan attire might be overkill for most of us, a little bit of fashion-madness never hurt anyone. So don’t be afraid to express your eccentricities – dare to be different.

Harriet Brown



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