What was hot at Welcome Fair?


Lauren, Ike, Jess

The first few days of term are always a frenzy of activity: parties, bars, fast- formed friendships and of course Welcome Fair. Ever the style 

hunters, here at Impact Style we couldn’t help but take note of some of the best (and worst) of Welcome Fair Fashions.

This plastic palace of freebies, societies, and Domino’s vouchers manages to attract a pretty diverse selection of outfits; the clothing varies between those using the aisles as one massive catwalk (after all, you might just meet your new best friend while you’re dodging that giant Mango) and those who have rolled straight out of Crisis, and added a hoodie for good measure.


HOT: Society StashOne thing guaranteed to appear at Freshers’ is stash. The tent is crammed with committee members proudly showcasing their society hoodies, and of course looking fabulous in the process.

HOT: Pretty grunge – Chequered shirts, creepers, and super-skinny black jeans paired with a pretty prints, soft make-up and smiles. Perfect for Welcome Fair: effortless, comfortable and a little bit of a statement.


HOT: Print Mania – Clashing or statement prints seemed big news: Hawaiian shirts, patterned bombers and eye-catching statement jackets were everywhere.

HOT: Knitwear – If we needed one more sign that winter is coming, it can be found in the abundance of knitwear we saw around. Sleek jumpers, cardigans and the occasional scarf helping to indicate the season’s change.

NOT: Pyjamas – Yes, they’re comfy, yes you’re hungover, and yes you can see the Welcome Fair tent from your bedroom window, but no – even if they are Jack Wills, you’re supposed to wear them in bed, not a giant marquee.

NOT: The flip-flop boys – Now this one we’re really not too sure about. This year there seems to be a powerful trend emerging: Hollister sweater, sports shorts (often a just a bit too short…) and a pair of flip-flops. The new fresher uniform? We hope not…

NOT: The Morning After – Last night’s clothes looked good last night…  They don’t look good the morning after traipsing around the society stalls. (And yes, this was actually  spotted!)


Harriet Brown


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