Advice: Penny Tration on cheating suspicions

Is your sex life less steamy than watching a dog hump a pillow? Well fear not, because Impact’s resident sexpert Penny Tration is about to turn that around.  She is ready to delve into every corner of the sexual and relationship spectrum.

Dear Penny,

My boyfriend and I have just gone to separate universities. I went to visit him after Freshers’ week and while I was there saw some flirty texts on his phone. I didn’t say anything to him then but I think he may be cheating- what do you think I should do? Please help me!

Love Jill.


Hi Jill,

If you check your boyfriend’s phone, you’re going to find something that you don’t like – that’s like, the eleventh commandment or something. But beware; it may not be what you first think. Perhaps those winky faces from “Jessie” are actually harmless texts from his nan who hasn’t quite worked out how to master her new phone, saved under a different name to preserve his new found LAD status.

If you’re in a LDR at university then you’ll be spending lots of time apart, with no clue what he’s up to other than what he tells you, (and what his Facebook tells you). If his stories don’t add up, or you don’t trust what he’s saying, then there’s probably some dodgy business going on. If you’re really worried that he’s bumping uglies with the girl down his corridor (who probably looks suspiciously like an STD ridden gorilla) then it’s probably a good idea to ask him to tell you the truth.

Perhaps you’re just being paranoid over nothing, which is a terrible way to spend your time. But fear not, if your boyfriend does turn out to be a cheating asshole, then just be thankful there are plenty other (hopefully more respectful) fish in the sea.



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