Album Review: Haim – ‘Days Are Gone’

Haim’s debut album has been a long, long time coming. But boy, was it worth the wait!

Days Are Gone has been in the works for half a decade – the first song was written back in 2008 – allowing these three LA sisters to find and master their distinct sound. What initially stands out is the emphatic presence of perscussive beats, with all three girls being able to play the drums with some skill. A record in which percussion reigns forth is reason enough to rush out and get it, if only for its originality.

Since Haim’s emergence into the mainstream, they have been inevitably compared to Fleetwood Mac, owing to the strong soft-rock elements; though with beautifully-crafted indie-pop intertwined. Mac meets Marina. Though where Marina and the Diamonds failed; Haim have taken up the baton of a musical style that is melodic but meaningful, which, for some reason, seems to elude even the greatest artists from time to time.

There is a definite lightness surrounding the album but Days Are Gone is far from lightweight. It is intelligent both musically and lyrically; ‘My Song 5’ has been criticised for not being in line with the rest of the album’s agenda, sounding more Alt-J experimental rock than Fleetwood soft-rock, but really, it should be held on a pedestal for championing artistic creativity and experimentation.

What will strike you when you hear the whole album through after inevitably buying it as soon as you’ve finished reading this glowing article is the beautifully cohesive quality of the record. Alana, Danielle and Este have spoken of how important this was to the overall sound of Days Are Gone. Maybe it’s because they are related or maybe because it’s because they are just ruddy good musicians, but the album’s seamlessness ensures it is an outstanding listen from start to finish, again and again.

Stand-out tracks ‘The Wire’ and ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’ are insanely catchy, with palpably smooth production to match. Whereas most reviews would now end with a negative remark, so as not to appear deluded, this one will remain glowingly positive. Days Are Gone is one of the most impressive debuts of the year, if not the most, and I implore you to go out and buy it. Grammy anyone?

Liv Clark

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