Halloween: the DIY guide

We gave you the inspiration, now we give you the DIY guide! Halloween is drawing ever closer and most of us will be dying to go out to one or more of Nottingham’s notorious fright nights. However, along with every event is the obligation to jump onto the fancy dress bandwagon, bringing us face to face with that terrifying ‘what do I wear?’ question. 

Well whether it is a devilish night at Crisis or a horror house party, ditch that black leotard, those cat ears and that blunt black eye-liner you used last year and get creative! Dress to impress with these top DIY Halloween favourites which are sure to put a fright into your night without breaking the bank.

For the patient:



This is possibly one of THE most effective DIY costumes out there for individual, or group, fancy dress and it really does cost next to nothing.


-Blue water based body paint (All colours £5 or less)

-Dark blue and/or white water-based paint

-Brown water-based paint (a brown eyebrow pencil works a treat as well)

-Any brown material, an old pillowcase, or a bed sheet

-Black bandeaux


– Bulky, wooden jewellery

-Black mini-shorts or old black/brown tights cut to desired length

-Branch-like stick prop

The method

This one really is a trick or treat to design: Begin wearing the bandeaux and the shorts and layer up with blue body paint until no flesh colour is visible; cut your brown material to the desired style and tie to create a toga (best off making sure you have spare material since this part can be tricky); use the dark blue and/or white paint to create whichever Avatar features you desire; put your hair into a plait, or just simply wave it and mess it up, and there, done! All you need now is some war-like acting and some very good soap for the end of the night!

The Mummy


The beauty of this Egyptian favourite is that you can make it as terrifying or as sexy as you like.


  • Any white material- an old bed sheet or bandages (no toilet roll!!)
  • One box of 100 tea bags
  • Safety Pins

Sexy look: white crop top or bandeaux, white bodycon skirt

Full costume: white vest and white shorts or tights

The method:

At least one day in advance of your Halloween event, fill a bucket with tea bags and hot water and cut your white material into long strips (the longer the better); put the strips into the water to stew for 2-6 hours and then leave the strips to dry; grab your safety pins and get mummifying, pinning and tucking where ever you desire, and there! You have achieved the perfect ancient mummy look!


For the Creative:

You will be surprised by what can be achieved by a little bit of patience, a steady hand, and a lot of face paint!

face paint_Fotor


And if you are still stuck for ideas (or are a little last minute):

The Zombie version of anything is easy peasy and cheap as chips. Whack out the fake blood and black eye shadow and get back combing that mop!


Zombie school girl/boy, zombie geek, zombie soldier, zombie 118 man, zombie nurse/doctor, zombie celebrity (Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Manson), zombie Hawaiian girl/boy – the list really is limitless.


Heather Corser

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