Live Review: Eagulls / Guilty Parents, Chameleon (05/10/13)

Leeds punks, Eagulls, teamed up with Nottingham hardcore duo, Guilty Parents, to produce one of the most memorable nights in Nottingham’s musical calendar.

It has been steady progress for Eagulls. 2012’s eponymous EP, coupled with debut single, ‘Council Flat Blues’, began to develop this five-piece’s reputation. However, it is only now that Eagulls are beginning to break through, largely as a result of the stunning ‘Nerve Endings’, their thrilling new single. With plans for an album release in early 2014, things are starting to take off for a band that deserve it more than anybody else.

Nottingham-based Guilty Parents kicked things off with their energetic hardcore punk. Being a trendy twosome, Guilty Parents run the risk of the standard comparisons to well-known duos, The White Stripes or The Black Keys. Fortunately, they sound like neither, flying through a half hour set that touches on everything from original punk, through to American hardcore and then emerging on scuzzy garage rock. A name to watch out for.

Eagulls then take to the stage to the slight surprise of those still indulging at the downstairs bar. Impact missed nothing, however, and what a relief that was, as Eagulls are as superb as ever. The aforementioned ‘Nerve Endings’ shows a potentially darker side to the band, ‘Moulting’ is as raucous as punk gets, while final song (and mini-encore), ‘Council Flat Blues’ is perfectly politically spot-on. Add a small moshpit into the equation and you have yourself a very fine punk gig, indeed.

Chameleon was as eccentric as ever. Cans of Sainte Etienne placed next to a barrel of pear cider;  lax timekeeping and good sound all contribute to making Chameleon one of the most charming venues in the Midlands, nevermind Nottingham. A superb night of music, with hopefully many more to come.

Alex Neely

…Alex is listening to The Walkmen – ‘Emma, Get Me A Lemon’…

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