Live Review: King Krule / Filthy Boy, The Harley, Sheffield (03/10/13)


The first night of a UK tour, this South London pair arrive at the cosy surroundings of Sheffield’s The Harley to celebrate the success of King Krule‘s recent debut album.

King Krule’s rise to success has been a steady one. Having burst onto the scene as an acne-ridden 16-year-old with ‘Out Getting Ribs’, a trippy, RnB-inspired pop song that seriously belied his tender age, Archy Marshall bided his time, changing his name from Zoo Kid and releasing a series of EPs. With 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, Marshall’s urban songwriting is as impressive as anything else this year and has deservedly received substantial critical acclaim. Whether his production-heavy RnB would translate to the live setting is another question entirely, however.

The night begins with Filthy Boy, a Peckham four-piece that play dark, witty C86-inspired jangly guitar pop. Their debut album, Smile That Won’t Go Down, released earlier this year perhaps has’t received as much attention as it warrants, but Filthy Boy’s looming success is surely a certainty. From that aforementioned debut, the perverse lyrics of ‘Mental Conditions’ and the well-crafted story behind ‘That Life’ stand out from an excellent set. Slipped in early on is a new song, sounding heavier and better-written than anything to date. Fingers crossed, Filthy Boy’s follow-up album will be the spark they need to break through.

With The Harley finally reaching capacity, King Krule enters stage left to choruses of football chants. Playing a setlist with an obvious focus on his debut album’s material, King Krule’s jazzy RnB is undeniably well-performed, yet lacking that certain something. What makes that album quite so special is often the flawless production, which, of course, doesn’t translate as well onto this Sheffield stage. Regardless, this is an impressive performance, even if the absence of best song ‘Neptune Estate’ is particularly disappointing.

An impressive night of music at The Harley. Filthy Boy ought to achieve their much-deserved success in the near future. King Krule, on the other hand, will bask in his new-found success, in the knowledge that no matter how good his live shows are, they’ll never beat the flawless perfection of his recorded efforts.

Alex Neely

…Alex is listening to Minor Threat – ‘Cashing In’…


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