Live Review: Splashh, Spanky Van Dyke’s (03/10/13)

Curiosity, not excitement was my overriding emotion upon seeing Splashh for the second time in four months. Could the Aussie four-piece replicate the exhilarating gig they put on at The Chameleon towards the end of the summer? Long story short, they nailed it.

Despite the disappointing turnout; which I blame on the steep ticket pricing and the fact there were at least three other gigs in town that night (rare, I know), Splashh played to the hundred or so punters as if they were playing to a packed Rock City.

Somehow these guys have managed to polish and refine their sound, whilst maintaining its original fuzzy, garage roots. The end product made for some very interesting listening.

Now, as much as I dislike singling out one member of a band, a very special nod must go to drummer, Jacob Moore, the guy can really play. It’s rare for me to go to a gig and be transfixed by one band member but Moore’s drumming was making me feel as I can only imagine people felt when Dave Grohl first burst onto the scene with that grunge band he was in. Yes, it was that good.

Splashh’s biggest strength lies in their coherence. Without sounding one dimensional, there was a definite consistency to frontman, Toto Vivian and Co’s tunes. A consistency that has led to them writing some seriously catchy songs, ‘Vacation’ and ‘All I Wanna Do’ being prime examples, the latter proving a real crowd-pleaser.

A mention should also go to the support band, Charlie Boyer and the Voyeurs who set the bar high for the evening. Questionable name aside, the London quintet are undoubtedly ‘ones to watch’ and were the perfect warm-up for Splashh. I simply could not resist going up to the guys once their set was finished and congratulating them on what I thought was yet another impressive performance.

I genuinely believe Splashh have a future as bright as their sun-kissed sound. All in all, a truly enjoyable gig.

Ishmael Anwuri

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    Great review of a great band!

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