Live Review: Superfood, Bodega (15/10/13)

Superfood confirm that ‘B-town’ continues to offer class A bands…

With only a handful of songs available for listening (three, to be exact), Superfood are one of Britain’s most elusive new bands. Last Tuesday’s gig at The Bodega proved however, that they are also among the most exciting.

Irrespective of there being no more than 20 audience members in tow, there was an unequivocal buzz in the room, the sort of buzz you would attribute to a band who are on the brink of taking off. They mooched onto the stage looking every inch as 90s as their sound. Kicking off with new tune ‘Bubbles’, there were strong echoes of Blur circa Modern Life Is Rubbish, with catchy choruses and reverberated backing vocals from lead guitarist, Ryan Malcolm, not to mention frontman Dom Ganderton doing his very best Britpop impersonation. If that comes across as a negative, it really shouldn’t.

It really was a pleasant surprise to see punters gradually singing along more and more as the set progressed, simply because it seems that Superfood have acquired a fanbase through sheer word of mouth; a rarity today but a real testament to the quality of Superfood’s songs nevertheless.

Halfway through their set, the second of the three Superfood songs I knew erupted. ‘TV’ has a cracking blend of the aforementioned Modern Life Is Rubbish-esque catchiness and a raw sound, much like early songs by The Cribs. At this point, I became fully aware of how tight this lot are. Hats off especially to the rhythm section, both bassist, Emily Baker, and drummer, Carl Griffin, who provided exciting grooves for the guitar hooks to build on.

Usually, this is the point where a few polite words about the support bands are thrown in for good measure. In the case of Huskies and Wanderlings, the ‘polite words’ turn into glowing praise, particularly for the latter. Local four-piece, Wanderlings, fuse wistful lyrics with distinctive guitar licks that are reminiscent of The Stone Roses at their pinnacle. Wanderlings Frontman, James Beasley, and co. have recently released an EP, VNO, which I certainly recommend.

For the sheer quality that was on show from start to finish, I can honestly say that this was one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve been to for quite some time. It’s truly exciting to see a healthy crop of talented and, more importantly, diverse, young bands emerging. Long may it continue.

Ishmael Anwuri

…Ishmael is listening to Arctic Monkeys – ‘Arabella’…

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