The @NottsFacts Guide To UoN

c Lynne Hand

As term begins and thousands of students pour in to our fine city, we took a look in our precious vault and came up with some handy facts to help our bright young minds develop. This edition looks at the place where it all begins: the University of Nottingham.

1) Nottingham University is the only educational institution in the country to offer a degree in ‘Banterology’. – This unanimous decision from the board of governors came after around 3000 students marched on the Trent Building in 2012 demanding access to banter at a higher education level.


2) Sir Edmund Hillary prepared for his 1953 conquering of Mount Everest by using the hilly University of Nottingham Campus as a training base – in fact Hillary declared afterwards that he found the Everest climb ‘significantly easier’.


3) 17 students are still missing inside the Portland Building – After a wrong turn during an open day in 1997, 17 prospective students became disorientated inside the University’s confusing main building and have never been seen since. Police called off the search in 2007.


4) The Hallward Library is sponsored by the ‘Ugg’ Company – When a representative from the company visited the library with her daughter at an open day, she was overwhelmed at both male and female ownership of the famous boot. The sponsorship deal was secured soon after.


5) The ‘Heard in Hallward’ group was founded in 1798 – The now infamous group to discuss various goings-on inside the main University library was founded in the late 18th century, with its first post being ‘Ye Olde Portale not worketh’. The post received nearly 10 likes, and included an amusing meme.


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