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As this term’s dreaded essay deadlines draw to a close the excitement of the festive season starts to make its long-awaited return. With the bombardment of Christmas jingles, mince pies, gift buying and a steady influx of party invitations, choosing the perfect outfit starts to play second fiddle and the required funds for said outfit begin to dwindle. This calls for one thing- a fail safe piece which will be a party show-stopper whilst stopping short of the maximum limit of your long suffering overdraft.

lbd 11

The high street think they have the answer to this by offering you jewel coloured satin jumpsuits, multi-tone applique dresses, layers of tulle, skirt and crop top coordinates and more fringing than my grandmother’s lampshade. But stop right there. With multiple invitations and a limited budget, investing in such kooky on-trend styles is a risky business. Being photographed in an identical outfit three nights in a row will be labelled a fashion faux-pas by any style-savvy fellow party-goers and in a year to come its moment in the fashion limelight will have passed leaving it swinging in self-pity in your wardrobe amongst your favourite classic pieces like the poor unidentifiable and completely unknown sod who stands between the tabloid favourite and the ‘90s pop star in each year’s I’m A Celebrity line-up. Either way, it’s a sad tale.


Effortlessly chic, flattering and practical.


To prevent such an outfits’ impending doom and to mitigate against party disasters and fashion regret you should always stick with a classic; a piece which transcends time, trumps all fledging trends and is the epitome of versatility. In this instance we are talking about none other than the LBD (or ‘little black dress’ for you fashion newbies). Effortlessly chic, flattering and practical, this style staple has been called into action by nearly every fashion icon on the planet- past and present. And if Holly Golightly can count on this trusty garment then so can you.



Zara, £49.99

you should always stick with a classic; a piece which transcends time, trumps all fledging trends and is the epitome of versatility.

lbd55, £40.00

For a flash party your LBD can transform you into a sophisticated cocktail-sipper with an embellished jacket, heels and some sparkling jewellery, whilst some leather boots, a red lip and lashings of kohl make your dress the perfect choice for a grungier look. But whilst these are classic examples of the LBD doing its thing don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit and use it as a canvas for showcasing your own style and current trends. Changing your accessories each year to stay on trend and experiment is much more affordable and playful than splashing out on entirely new outfits.  Follow in the footsteps of Cara Delevingne by accompanying your LBD with quirky brights to make the perfect entrance.


Emma Willey


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