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Fashion Week, Coffee and Deadlines: Impact Style’s 2013

2013 was a big year for Impact Style and its contributors. We’ve put together a few snippets from the team and how their involvement with the style section has helped them in their pursuit of careers within fashion and journalism.



Until last year, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I’m sure most English Students are continually faced with the dreaded question: “So what do you want to do after University? Teacher? Author?”. My response was usually a laugh, a joke or any other attempt to avoid the question that I had no answer to.

But this year, in an attempt to try and find an answer to the question, I plunged into the unknown and entered the world of ‘the working professional’. I spent two months during the summer as an intern at various publications in Dubai, working as a Features writer in the weekly Celebrity and Entertainment magazine, and a Fashion and Beauty writer in the monthly popular Women’s magazine, VIVA.

One could say I caught the writing bug. Starting my second year I resolved to join Impact and became a regular contributor to the style section. Not only have I learnt a lot, but I’ve met some truly wonderful people, encountering things that truly inspire me and give me more of an indication of the ‘path’ I want to follow after University.

Will I become a Journalist? Who knows. But I’m thankful for the experiences this year has brought and hope they continue into 2014.




2013 has been a fabulous year to be involved with Impact Style. Writing for the magazine has provided me with a platform to express my passion for beauty and fashion and allowed me to fine-tune my writing style, whilst being the resident make-up artist has allowed me to build up a portfolio of my work.

Creating my blog this year has also been a huge step for me, and the positive feedback and support from friends, fellow bloggers, brands and of course, the Impact ladies themselves, has overwhelmed me. Other highlights include attending fashion week in September and the Urban Outfitters Press and blogger event. Both events demonstrate the fantastic opportunities having a blog has brought me, but also how Impact Style has helped.

I was able to review the London shows for the Impact website and attend the UO event with the Style editors. This sums up the best thing that Impact Style has given me this year: new friendships and the chance to spend time with lovely, inspiring and like-minded people.



As editor, Impact Style has  become my life over the past few months. From editing and writing, to frantically planning and running shoots, since September I have lived and breathed Impact. Through the first part of 2013 I wrote for the section, but getting elected as editor has completely altered what I do for the magazine.

Working with the team to produce each month’s shoot is certainly the most exciting part of the role, taking something from an initial concept and creating something you’re really happy with gives you a huge sense of pride. Opening the magazine to the style pages, and seeing your hard work in print never loses its thrill.



Endless press releases to go through, Starbucks to drink and continuously resizing images is something I’ve come to accept about my life with Impact Style. Being editor alongside Harriet is not easy but is the perfect way to make friends and boost your CV if you’re looking at a career in fashion or journalism.

2013 was a big year for me in Impact Style. I was appointed online editor of the  section in late February, which then led to interviewing Erin O’Connor and Susie Bubble at Vogue Festival. Attending London Fashion Week was another bonus of running the section and in late June I was elected as editor of both online and print.

Organising photo shoots, attending press events, catching up at weekly meetings and editing and commissioning articles has given me a wealth of experience in running a fashion section.

Topshop deliveries arriving the day after a shoot, models pulling out last minute, all nighters editing and processing content – would I change any of this? Never, it’s fashion – it was never going to be a walk in the park, but I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for the section. With a trip for Paris Fashion Week, we’ve got big plans.

rachael 1


My own ‘passion for fashion’ lies within sustainability: good quality clothing from responsible sources. My interest grew after Impact Style published my article on how students living on a budget could shop sustainably. I was wowed by the positive response and as a result decided to start up my blog, A Sustainable Thread.

AST aims to challenge the bad rep of ‘eco-fashion’ and prove you can shop consciously, both stylishly and on a budget. The response has been amazing; a definite highlight was the eco section of ASOS, The Green Room, tweeting about my blog in December. Having my articles published has provided an incredible platform into the world of sustainable fashion and for this I have Impact Style to thank.

Impact Style would like to thank everyone involved with the team in 2013 and looks forward to welcoming new contributors and members in 2014. 

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Image Credits: Becky Fearn, Sarah Dear, Harriet Brown, Jessie Roseblade and Rachael Cooney.

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